Monday, 23 April 2012

Rain rain go away come again another day !!

OK I know we need it, but showers are worse than a big downpour. I just get stuck into something outdoors and down it comes ! I take off my boots etc, put everything away as it's pouring and lo and behold out comes the sun ! and so it goes on. A good old cuss usually does the trick ! makes me feel better anyway.

My garden has some lovely tulips this year, more than previous years and I love them. I am tempted to cut them and bring them indoors, but I don't as I know they look better for longer in the garden.

I can't wait to get up to the allotment on a fine sunny day and plant out my Calabrese which is still not in the ground as it's too wet and sticky. They have been put into compost to keep them healthy meantime. We are still having frosts which means two trips to the allotment most days to take the fleece off all the growing plants in the greenhouse and then to cover them up again for the night.  Roll on the frost free days so I can leave them uncovered.


Anonymous said...

This sort of weather gives us gardeners a lot more work to do!
My water-butt is well and truly full, and I'm wishing I had a couple more.

Maureen said...

Yes same here, mine is a slimline water-butt and fills up at an alarming rate.

Pam's English Garden said...

Your tulips are lovely, Maureen. We are having rain at last ... drought conditions here causing brush fires, so the rain is very welcome. My husband just told me there is going to be a frost tonight, and it's too late to cover anything ... oh, dear. P. x

Maureen said...

Thank you Pam. I have just popped over to see what you have growing and I love the speckled violet. I hope your plants survive the frost. It's a pain having to keep covering up isn't it ?
M xx