Friday, 13 April 2012

Nienie has had her baby !

Do you follow nienie ? I have been following this amazing lady's blog for four years now. She survived a near fatal plane crash and had 80% burns. Not only has Stephanie survived and gone through terrible operations, this amazing woman has now given birth to her fifth child.

Her link is on the right hand side of my blog, look for the typewriter, go visit and be amazed as I was. What an awe inspiring story. I also had a look at their family photo shoot which was posted on YouTube have a look at this happy family film, I hope you can get the linkthis link should work just scroll down a bit when you get redirected and you will see the youtube film.

 It will be worth the effort as they are such a happy family, makes me feel humble.
There isn't anywhere to leave comments on Stephanie's blog. I guess she would be overwhelmed by them and her blog would crash. So I wanted to post it here and say Congratulations to an inspirational family.

Happy week-end everyone

M x


Mrs Jones said...

Blimey! There's a coincidence. I read her blog about 18 months ago, and read back to the plane crash, then forgot all about it. It was literally about a week ago I was thinking about her & wondering how she was doing but couldn't actually remember her name! I shall go and have a catch-up!

Maureen said...

Hi Mrs Jones, both Stephanie and her husband are so brave and they seem such a lovely family. I'm glad you are going to have a catch up on her blog. She has just published a book as well.

Are you missing your allotment ? Or is it a big relief ?
Have a good week-end

Anonymous said...

An inspiring blog about Stephanie and her family. Jean Burke