Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A link to share from 'Crisis at Christmas'

I hope this link works as this is the centre where I volunteered on Christmas day.( such a fabulous college) in North London.  Click on the YouTube video ( you have to scroll down a bit on the page that comes up)  to see how wonderful 'Crisis ' is. It was amazing to take part.  I have only just seen this link so thought I would share it.

Almost time to get back on the allotment now. I have to admit that I have been putting it off until the weather turns and the evenings get a little lighter, which is happening gradually it was still fairly light the other evening at 4.45pm. I'm sure there are lots of you who have already started on your allotments. There are a few plot holders on ours that work whatever the weather, but I know from past experience its possible to catch up, so I'm in no hurry.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Very Happy New Year to you all

Well it's all over and a New Year has begun ! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you have lot's of plans for the coming year for the allotment and garden.

The weather is dreadful at the moment, high winds, rain and grey skies, but we can't complain as it's still very mild for this time of year and as long as we don't have snow at Easter ( we have in the past !) I for one am happy that we are having a mild winter.

I worked my two volunteering shifts with the homeless in London, one on Christmas day and again on the 27th December and it was just as great as last year, but this year we had a beautiful College in Kings Cross in which to feed, entertain and pamper our 'Guests' . The kitchens were first class so the volunteer chefs were very happy  and cooked some very delicious meals over the 'Crisis for Christmas' week.  The showers worked a treat and were used a lot, although we did have a chap who stayed in so long that the steam set the fire alarm off.  We had to vacate the building and line the next street until all was deemed safe to go back in. So we had to make sure anyone using the showers only stayed in for 5-10 mins after that.

There was a doctor, podiatrist, optician, hairdresser, and all sorts of therapists who gave their time freely to enable the guests to have a brilliant Christmas.  We had entertainers, a brass band, and an Opera singer, bingo, karaoke and arts and crafts.  It was amazing what 'Crisis' had achieved.  The lovely actress Sian Phillips (who was once married to Peter O'Toole) was there again this year and she has been giving up her Christmas for a number of years and really mucked in and didn't mind what jobs she was given, a true 'Star'.

I was lucky that my family indulged me again this year in not minding me 'doing my thing'  and I made up for it when we all spent boxing day together and also New Year.  Next Christmas I will do other days though rather than Christmas day so as to be fair to them. It's addictive though.  Most volunteers go back each year.

I have to now get on and plan what seeds to sow and when to sow them, so a look through my bulging seed box is a must this coming week. I haven't been to the allotment for weeks it's too depressing in this dismal weather.

Wishing you all A Happy New Year.
M x