Thursday, 25 April 2013

Finally over to plot 30

And goodbye to plot 19 , it was a hard slog working on that sloping plot, but boy was it hard work moving my entire plot to another !  But its finally over.

It's going to take a few months to get plot 30 in order and I'm digging for England at the moment. Yesterday I dug up a bucket full of thick and long pieces of bindweed roots just from one small area.
I know you can never truly be rid of this horrid weed, but you just have to try and conquer it or  takes over everything

I have to accept that due to the move and the adverse weather I am going to be way behind, but I have made a start. This week I planted in a raised bed what should have been three rows of carrots . It was so windy that most of the seeds got blown out of my hand so I ended up with enough for only one row ! Also planted two different types of spinach.
In a mini greenhouse in my garden at home I have also  made a start and got lots of French beans ( Blue lake and Fasold) started in the root runners. Turks Head pumpkin, tomatoes (money maker and gardeners delight) and some hot chillies. So a start has been made !

It all like a refugee camp at present, but give me a couple of months and it will look gorgeous ! Watch this space !

A lot of planning and tidying to do yet, but i'll get there. I'm so looking forward to getting it all up to standard.