Monday, 23 April 2012

Rain rain go away come again another day !!

OK I know we need it, but showers are worse than a big downpour. I just get stuck into something outdoors and down it comes ! I take off my boots etc, put everything away as it's pouring and lo and behold out comes the sun ! and so it goes on. A good old cuss usually does the trick ! makes me feel better anyway.

My garden has some lovely tulips this year, more than previous years and I love them. I am tempted to cut them and bring them indoors, but I don't as I know they look better for longer in the garden.

I can't wait to get up to the allotment on a fine sunny day and plant out my Calabrese which is still not in the ground as it's too wet and sticky. They have been put into compost to keep them healthy meantime. We are still having frosts which means two trips to the allotment most days to take the fleece off all the growing plants in the greenhouse and then to cover them up again for the night.  Roll on the frost free days so I can leave them uncovered.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Nienie has had her baby !

Do you follow nienie ? I have been following this amazing lady's blog for four years now. She survived a near fatal plane crash and had 80% burns. Not only has Stephanie survived and gone through terrible operations, this amazing woman has now given birth to her fifth child.

Her link is on the right hand side of my blog, look for the typewriter, go visit and be amazed as I was. What an awe inspiring story. I also had a look at their family photo shoot which was posted on YouTube have a look at this happy family film, I hope you can get the linkthis link should work just scroll down a bit when you get redirected and you will see the youtube film.

 It will be worth the effort as they are such a happy family, makes me feel humble.
There isn't anywhere to leave comments on Stephanie's blog. I guess she would be overwhelmed by them and her blog would crash. So I wanted to post it here and say Congratulations to an inspirational family.

Happy week-end everyone

M x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Pear Tree without a Partridge and some Calebrese

I recently received my annual order from Victoriana Nursery,  last week the Pear tree arrived and this week the ten Calebrese plants. I can't recommend Victoriana enough ! everything I have ever ordered from Stephen Shirley has been top notch.  I did have a problem with some asparagus which just never appeared above ground after I planted it, but Stephen sent replacements without me even asking, I just e-mailed him for advise. I can't ask for better after sales than that.

The Pear tree arrived well packed and bare rooted. It was a perfect day to get it planted, so that's what we did and it seems to have settled in nicely.  We have lot's of fruit at the allotment now. There is a Victoria Plum tree which went in last year, The Pear tree as mentioned above ( which was much better priced than the plum tree from our local garden centre!!) then there's, rhubarb, raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, green gooseberries and red ones as well.  Lot's of strawberries, and a Tayberry which is also from Victoriana nursery. I should have my first big crop from the Tayberry this year (fingers crossed )

The Pear tree. An excellent specimen and already budding !

 Planted in place and staked on the plot. We put the sticky band around the tree and the stake today.

The Calebrese plugs are really healthy and large, but as its raining on and off today I decided to add some compost and grow them on in this individual plant tray for another week or so. This will give me time to decide where to put them and get the bed ready.  I am behind this year with all this crazy weather.

I have always got a link on my side bar for Victoriana Nursery as Stephen's advice on growing and planting is always helpful on his website as well as first class plants and seeds, and there is 10% off all orders .

Almost the week-end again !! I hope the sun shines and we can all catch up in the garden and on our plots.
M x

Monday, 9 April 2012

Earth day ( Sunday 22nd April 2012)

Did you know it was Earth Day on 22nd of this month ? I have to confess that I didn't. But I had an e-mail asking if I would share this information (below)with my readers.

I am more than happy to especially if any of you are living close enough to take part in this plant swap and bee keeping event. We all need bees especially us gardeners, in fact they are essential for so much we take for granted. Not only the beauty of our flowers but also our food.

So here is the info about the plant swap, unfortunately it is in London, but if you are near enough I'm sure it will be a good day.
Melvita are celebrating with a unique Plant Swap Event on Earth Day (Sunday 22 April 2012) at the Covent Garden and Putney stores.  For a small £1 donation, customers are invited to bring along their plants to swap at the store and take part in a fun day out that celebrates nature and a healthy urban environment. City bee experts, Capital Bee, will provide beekeeping workshops on how to keep bees and how to generate a bee-friendly environment in your garden, balcony or window box. There will also be complimentary skincare consultations and masterclasses throughout the day, including Melvita’s honey-based product demonstrations.
Funds raised on the day will go towards Pur Projet, specifically funding the installation of Beehives in Peru for the Queehua people. Also, throughout Earth Month, for every box of Royal Jelly Ampoules (£16.00) sold – a delicious, best-selling supplement derived from honey-bees - Melvita will be donating £1 to fund the expansion of their City Apiary (located on the rooftop of the Covent Garden store).
With the global initiative Melvita Foundation firmly established, the brand is committed to the promotion of organic farming and the protection of bees in the eco system.  As a global leader in organic skincare, Melvita is passionate about having “nature at the heart” of its ethos.
If any of you go I would love to hear about it. I am hoping to go myself if I happen to be in London that Sunday.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Do you have a wish list ?

I have a wish list ! Some of it's achievable and some things maybe not. The one possibly unachievable thing on my list (unless we win the lottery!) is my hankering for a conservatory. I know I have a little summerhouse and it's lovely. But in the winter months it would be amazing to sit in a conservatory and feel I could still look out onto the garden which is at the back of our house, and only seen from the kitchen.

I get carried away thinking about what I would use it for apart from the obvious. For a start there is all the extra space that could be used for maybe a gym, it would have to have blinds for that ! I wouldn't want the neighbours watching me working up a sweat !! or maybe a calming hobby room, or even a quite place to get away from the TV and just be able to read or listen to music. Do you have a conservatory ? and if so what do you like about it best of all ? And what do you use yours for ?

Well I can but dream and drool over them in magazines and online  I found some lovely ones whilst looking online for the garden table  and there are some that are affordable.  And who knows one day I may actually have one.

Until then I will work on the achievable things on my list such as my sofa's being recovered and a makeover in the living room! A re-vamp of the garden would also be nice especially the hard landscape areas. Oh well dream on and maybe one day I will get my conservatory, until then it remains on my wish list.

I can't believe how quickly the months are rushing by ! April already and still lot's to do in the garden and on the allotment.

Happy sowing and Wishing !!
M x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Getting the plot in order

At last the plot is looking more productive. The broad beans are now in and thankfully haven't been affected by the cold snap the other morning.  The onions are in as well. I didn't get around to sowing any onions from seed as I do every year, but I will sow some as I think the onions from seed keep longer than the ones from sets. Do you find this as well ???
The shed has had a complete overhaul by the hubby. He went up on his own the other day and worked hard to finish and it looks lovely.

Rosie has a new shirt, but she also needs new raffia hair and a new hat. But she is looking better than before.

I was excited to see the first ever blossom on my plum tree (planted last year) I can't wait to see if I actually get some fruit.

The Zinnia seeds I sowed a week a week or so ago have all appeared and are raring to go. Oh my goodness ! I have seedlings everywhere ! chilli seedling, tomatoes, asters, and it's quite a tie really as I have to find someone to look after them if we stay away for more than a couple of days.  So I will be glad when they can all be planted out.

Last of all I must mention the rhubarb ! It's growing so big. I have about 5 different varieties and can't wait for the first picking.

I was just about to press the button to publish this post, looked out of the study window and it is raining !!!! not sure if  I'm glad, I know we need it, but we were just about to go up to the allotment to plant the mangetout and some cabbages which are ready to go in the ground. Hopefully it's only a shower.

Happy sowing / planting everyone