Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Do you have a wish list ?

I have a wish list ! Some of it's achievable and some things maybe not. The one possibly unachievable thing on my list (unless we win the lottery!) is my hankering for a conservatory. I know I have a little summerhouse and it's lovely. But in the winter months it would be amazing to sit in a conservatory and feel I could still look out onto the garden which is at the back of our house, and only seen from the kitchen.

I get carried away thinking about what I would use it for apart from the obvious. For a start there is all the extra space that could be used for maybe a gym, it would have to have blinds for that ! I wouldn't want the neighbours watching me working up a sweat !! or maybe a calming hobby room, or even a quite place to get away from the TV and just be able to read or listen to music. Do you have a conservatory ? and if so what do you like about it best of all ? And what do you use yours for ?

Well I can but dream and drool over them in magazines and online  I found some lovely ones whilst looking online for the garden table  and there are some that are affordable.  And who knows one day I may actually have one.

Until then I will work on the achievable things on my list such as my sofa's being recovered and a makeover in the living room! A re-vamp of the garden would also be nice especially the hard landscape areas. Oh well dream on and maybe one day I will get my conservatory, until then it remains on my wish list.

I can't believe how quickly the months are rushing by ! April already and still lot's to do in the garden and on the allotment.

Happy sowing and Wishing !!
M x


Anonymous said...

I do hope your dream becomes a reality Maureen. Top of my wish list at the moment is a four door car so that my family don't have to climb over the front seat to get in the back. Or maybe that is on THEIR wish list! Happy Easter to you and your family. Jean.

Maureen said...

Hi Jean, a Happy Easter to you and the family too. I hope you get your wish for a four door car ! Its essential with a family. Having had both I certainly wouldn't want to go back to two doors.
Thanks for all the comments you leave on my blog. Do you have one yourself ?