Monday, 26 November 2012

Long time no post

I didn't realise its been so long since I last posted on here.  I'm afraid I have lost my mojo a bit concerning my allotment this year.  I have done the very basic clear and cover up for the winter and been up to feed the millions of worms  in my compost bins (I kid you not) with kitchen waste. I'm amazed at the number of worms this year and hopefully that means lovely compost for next year.  The leaf mould is coming on well too.

I haven't even visited my favourite blogs and I am pleased to see I haven't seemed to have lost my lovely followers, for which I am thankful and I apologise for not keeping up the posts.

As everyone is aware there isn't a lot going on at most allotments at this time of year.
Unless of course you grow during the winter and I have to admit I personally don't ! I find it all a bit depressing up there during these muddy, wet, uninspiring months.

I have been busy doing other things recently such as sourcing old furniture and painting it (shabby chic-ing) long before Kirsty started her TV programme ( I think she's copied me ) ha ha.  I am loving it and being teased by family and have been nicknamed Steptoe. I have to admit the garage looks like Steptoe's yard, but its all getting painted and sold on, when I can bear to part with things I finish.

I will post again and put some photo's on that I took a while back on the allotment.
Until then I hope you are all busy preparing for Christmas and are well.
M xx