Monday, 17 February 2014

A long overdue book review

 I have been meaning to review this Allotment book since the end of last year ! And feel bad that I haven't.  But today I made it priority.

If you already have an Allotment, or are considering taking one on ! This is a brilliant book. Its I formative , funny and laid back rather than being formal and sometimes formal is boring.
Ok some bits are a bit OTT  such as 'Camp on your plot '  a definite no go if its local council owned, but funny and interesting never the less.

There is an introduction by my favourite gardener Alys Fowler and in her words :  Don't leave this book at home: its one to to sit in the allotment shed and jot notes in, and there are plenty of pages to do just that.

I know I'm reviewing it, but I can honestly say its worth buying a copy and I'm glad I have one. Don't take my word for it ! Have a look at a copy and I'm sure you will agree its very different to the usual Allotment books.

I would add shop around as the price differs in each shop, garden centre, and online.
If you do buy a copy I'd love to know what you think.