Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Pear Tree without a Partridge and some Calebrese

I recently received my annual order from Victoriana Nursery,  last week the Pear tree arrived and this week the ten Calebrese plants. I can't recommend Victoriana enough ! everything I have ever ordered from Stephen Shirley has been top notch.  I did have a problem with some asparagus which just never appeared above ground after I planted it, but Stephen sent replacements without me even asking, I just e-mailed him for advise. I can't ask for better after sales than that.

The Pear tree arrived well packed and bare rooted. It was a perfect day to get it planted, so that's what we did and it seems to have settled in nicely.  We have lot's of fruit at the allotment now. There is a Victoria Plum tree which went in last year, The Pear tree as mentioned above ( which was much better priced than the plum tree from our local garden centre!!) then there's, rhubarb, raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, green gooseberries and red ones as well.  Lot's of strawberries, and a Tayberry which is also from Victoriana nursery. I should have my first big crop from the Tayberry this year (fingers crossed )

The Pear tree. An excellent specimen and already budding !

 Planted in place and staked on the plot. We put the sticky band around the tree and the stake today.

The Calebrese plugs are really healthy and large, but as its raining on and off today I decided to add some compost and grow them on in this individual plant tray for another week or so. This will give me time to decide where to put them and get the bed ready.  I am behind this year with all this crazy weather.

I have always got a link on my side bar for Victoriana Nursery as Stephen's advice on growing and planting is always helpful on his website as well as first class plants and seeds, and there is 10% off all orders .

Almost the week-end again !! I hope the sun shines and we can all catch up in the garden and on our plots.
M x


Isabel @Fennel and Fern said...

I love Victoriana too: Stephen is very helpful.

Maureen said...

Quality plants and trees too. I also like it that they are a family business.