Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Getting the plot in order

At last the plot is looking more productive. The broad beans are now in and thankfully haven't been affected by the cold snap the other morning.  The onions are in as well. I didn't get around to sowing any onions from seed as I do every year, but I will sow some as I think the onions from seed keep longer than the ones from sets. Do you find this as well ???
The shed has had a complete overhaul by the hubby. He went up on his own the other day and worked hard to finish and it looks lovely.

Rosie has a new shirt, but she also needs new raffia hair and a new hat. But she is looking better than before.

I was excited to see the first ever blossom on my plum tree (planted last year) I can't wait to see if I actually get some fruit.

The Zinnia seeds I sowed a week a week or so ago have all appeared and are raring to go. Oh my goodness ! I have seedlings everywhere ! chilli seedling, tomatoes, asters, and it's quite a tie really as I have to find someone to look after them if we stay away for more than a couple of days.  So I will be glad when they can all be planted out.

Last of all I must mention the rhubarb ! It's growing so big. I have about 5 different varieties and can't wait for the first picking.

I was just about to press the button to publish this post, looked out of the study window and it is raining !!!! not sure if  I'm glad, I know we need it, but we were just about to go up to the allotment to plant the mangetout and some cabbages which are ready to go in the ground. Hopefully it's only a shower.

Happy sowing / planting everyone


Chris said...

Wow, the shed looks fab! We are busy too with our allotment, we planted 7 beds of potatoes at the weekend. We like potatoes! I have seedlings everywhere too, I've had to move them from windowsills to the greenhouse as I ran out of room. Now I'm covering them with fleece because it's so cold!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've nearly forgotten what rain is... We had some yesterday too, and it was very heavy. Actually we need the same again every day for the next month really, if the gardens are not to suffer badly during the summer. Our hosepipe ban starts tomorrow.

Damo said...

You've been busy and love the shed, shame they are not allowed on my new allotment although it's a very small site so I can see why. We had some very welcome rain last night, typical though as I have taken today off to dig the plot!

Maureen said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. Seven beds of potatoes !!! my goodness you must love the spuds ! this year I'm not bothering with potatoes. I know it's a joy to dig them up and I do like them, but they take up too much room and if we have a dry spell and now with the hosepipe ban, I think they will be hard to keep healthy. I'm covering my seedling at night too. Crazy weather !!!

Hi Anonymous, I hope you had a good rainfall, unfortunately we didn't it only lasted a short while. We have a hosepipe ban as well now.

Hi Damo, That is a shame that you can't have a shed, I'm not sure how I would cope without one. I have so much stored in there and it's great to have a cuppa in.
I know we need the rain ! but I hope you managed to get some digging done.

Have a great Easter everyone

Vegetable Gardening said...

My plum tree is also flowering - last year it produced the most delicious plums ever. When you taste your own plums you will never buy the plums from the supermarkets.
But then again everything tastes better when you grow it yourself.