Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A link to share from 'Crisis at Christmas'

I hope this link works as this is the centre where I volunteered on Christmas day.( such a fabulous college) in North London.  Click on the YouTube video ( you have to scroll down a bit on the page that comes up)  to see how wonderful 'Crisis ' is. It was amazing to take part.  I have only just seen this link so thought I would share it.

Almost time to get back on the allotment now. I have to admit that I have been putting it off until the weather turns and the evenings get a little lighter, which is happening gradually it was still fairly light the other evening at 4.45pm. I'm sure there are lots of you who have already started on your allotments. There are a few plot holders on ours that work whatever the weather, but I know from past experience its possible to catch up, so I'm in no hurry.


Sue said...

I too have been hibernating a little lately. I must get up to the allotment this week-end. Am hoping to create a 'no-dig' bed and see how I get on. I've read some good things about this method. Have you tried it?

Maureen said...

Hi Sue, yes I have three raised beds on the go that are no dig. When I say no dig ! I do actually rake them and go slightly deeper than I usually rake, but I don't turn the soil. I just add my own compost and leafmould and sometimes (depending on what's going to be sown there) some farmyard manure. It's so much easier.