Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Not sure I like the New Blogger !!!

Ohhh I logged on to write a post and blogger has changed ! that was a surprise, I expect they have been telling us leading up to this change, but as usual I haven't read any notices. My desk top PC has died on me ! I think it may have been because of some electrical surges we had a few days ago. So I have to use the laptop and I don't like the keyboard very much.

I have been busy sowing seeds, potting on and generally tidying the plot. Everybody at the allotment are saying that they are all behind this year due to our crazy weather, myself including. But some things have come on well as you can see below. Isn't it brilliant to see the seed pushing through the soil /compost ??

This is my first harvest of rhubarb and it's such a lovely colour. I didn't cook it but cut it into small chunks and  froze it instead and will use it for a crumble next week. YUMMY!!

The Zebra Beans ( an old variety) are pushing through and are so big.

These are the Bellotti Beans

 Here we have more beans and some cucumbers (Marketmore) I haven't tried this variety before.

This is the mixed tray

The greenhouse on the allotment is chockablock with about six different varieties of tomatoes, and there are lots as I am going to do a plant / boot sale with a friend. We have lots of different plants divided up from our gardens and I have grown masses of herbs, also divided ones I already had. If we manage to sell them all it will cover our costs on the allotment. Mind you it's not all profit as the costs involved in sowing, growing and potting on, boot costs, plus time involved probably takes a chunk off.  No wonder garden centres charge so much !!! they have staff to pay as well.

I hope you are all getting on top of the sowing and planting on your plots and in your gardens.
Have a good week !!
M xx


Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Maureen, Your rhubarb is a lovely color! I'm jealous -- mine is more green. It must be a different type. I picked the first bunch yesterday and just finished making a crumble (fabulous smell of cooking m.m.m..) I froze the rest and I'm going to make a rhubarb and strawberry pie next. I tolerate the new blogger, but I don't like any sort of change these days. P. x

Growing Dwarf French Beans said...

Love your rhubarb its a lovely colour. I've never heard of Zebra beans are they a french bean - as the leaves look like that?

My climbing french beans are planted out and I sowed some dwarf french beans straight into the ground and they are coming up. Love this time of year.

Minimbah said...

Rhubarb is one of my weaknesses! I have struggled to grow it in our community garden in Australia so eating as much as I can whilst here in England!

Maureen said...

Hi Minimbah thanks for commenting on the blog. I hope you are enjoying both the rhubarb and your visit to England.
Best wishes
M x