Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What a difference a few sunny days make !

Wow!! we have had some sunshine at last ! except for some showers today which hampered any plans for planting out that I had in mind.  Other than that I have managed to get lots done in the garden and on the allotment. I sowed some carrots, turnips,Parsnips and  spring onions in a raised bed last week and covered them with two old windows that someone gave me last year.  With the heat under the glass the turnips are up already and need thinning.

I have painted and re-styled my allotment sign, it looks very 'folk art' now and I have done both sides so that it shows outside the plot as well. See what you think of it !! I was rather pleased as it looks much better than before and will last longer as I have painted the wood before doing the signs.

I'm hoping the weather will be fine tomorrow so I can go and put the sign on the plot.

This is how the sign looked originally, probably more in keeping with the allotment, but I prefer the 'Folky' look.

I treated myself to some flowers when we went shopping today, these beautiful peonies were reduced so I couldn't resist them, the others were full price but still a bargain. They smell lovely.

I'm looking forward to cutting my own flowers from the cutting bed on the allotment later on in the year.

I have lots of plants growing strong in the greenhouse. There are chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, and I'm just starting off the french beans 'Blue Lake' and 'Fasold' both have done well every year.  The broad beans are flowering, and the mangetout are growing stronger.  Onions are starting to shoot up now and the garlic planted last Autumn looks like it will be ready to harvest soon.  The three varieties of spinach is looking healthy and needs thinning and transplanting very soon.

I am looking out for my asparagus as I will be able to harvest it for the first time this year, if it's a success that is.  I think I have lost most of my globe artichokes. I thought they were hardy, but only two seems to have survived.

I have been reading some of my old post going way back, and they were much more interesting than my later ones and very chatty too, so I guess I have got a bit lazy, must do better !!!!!!  I was  all excited way back then on getting my plot which made me very keen to record everything.

That's about all for now I hope the rest of the week is kind to us weather wise !

M x


Mr. Farmer said...

The little hearts and the "trespassers will be composted", bit confusing. :) But nice touch.

Abigail Bullinger said...

Love the flowers... and the sign is too cute. :) So glad that I stumbled upon your blog!

enrico's garden experience said...

lovely allotment... i will follow your blog...