Friday, 30 October 2009

Scarecrow Witch and other chitchat

It's been a funny sort of day, the kind where I have been on the go all day, but don't seem to have achieved much, but on reflection I have tidied bedrooms, done the laundry, did the food shopping, collected leaves (for leaf mould) and did an hour at the allotment, then came home and cooked a meal. So I guess I did achieve something after all.!!

I decided to get into the spirit of Halloween by dressing 'Rosie' the scarecrow up as a witch. She is seen from the road as my plot is at the front of the allotment site. Lot's of people notice her especially children, so I thought it would be fun to dress her up a bit. Next year I'll make more of an effort and get some glow in the dark stuff, that should cause a stir - spooky !!! at night.

These 'Art Shade' calendulas are still flowering on even after the couple of frosts we have had and look so cheerful on the plot, there are even a couple of sunflowers still going strong behind them, and together they look stunning.

At last I have a new lottie neighbour to take over the long neglected plot next to mine. The plot should really have been split into two smaller plots, even our warden mentioned this to the council official who came to look at it. All of us plot holders think this too as we have seen people struggle to maintain this very large plot.
But in their wisdom ??? they still gave it out to this poor man to work on his own. He has said it is too big for him, but didn't want to turn it down as he's been on the waiting list for a long time. I have to say he is amazing, he dug all you can see in this photo in a week and only a few hours here and there each time he came up.

I planted these cabbages ages ago, in fact just days away from the last planting time recommended on the packet. They don't seem to want to grow. I am going to let them take their chances out in the big world and plant them outside under cover and hopefully I will be eating them come next spring. They are 'April' and 'Wheelers Imperial' both tasty cabbages with good solid hearts.



Noodles said...

Love the scarecrow! I think we need to do one on our allotment, and now I have seen you can change the outfit to fit the season, I might just do that!!

Joanne said...

Rosie looks great what a lovely idea for others to enjoy.

Maureen said...

Thanks for the comments, NOODLES, you must make a scarecrow especially if there isn't one on your allotment.
JOANNE, thanks, she has had quite a lot of comments on her halloween outfit, I'll have to do a Mrs Santa costume next.

Prospero said...

Isn't Rosie looking smart! And that poor man. What a brave job he's undertaken. Good luck with your cabbage - it's a long journey to the table.

Jo said...

Rosie looks great. I must get the kids started on a scarecrow project to brighten up our plot.