Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pumpkin weigh in

I finally got around to weighing my Pumpkin today and here is the result :-

2 stone 2 lbs
29. 8 lbs
13. 5 Kilos

I set the scales in stones, then lbs and also kilo's, just to cover every ones method of weight.
It is much bigger than last years pumpkin.

The Pumpkin and Squashes are now all stored in the garage, and I will be using them for soups and pumpkin pie soon. I also have a recipe for pumpkin and ginger curd which sound lovely.

I have some Ivy growing up and along a fence in the garden and it is covered in the blossom that Ivies get around this time of year and it was covered in bees, wasps and butterflies today. The noise of them all buzzing was really loud, just as well I am not bothered by wasps and bees as it would have been quite scary

We went up to the allotment today, it was such a lovely day and there was quite a few jobs to be done. I removed the netting from the purple sprouting broccoli and weeded the bed, took off the lower leaves that had been munched by caterpillars, although I only found one. I added some blood, fish and bone to the area and some of the compost from our own compost bin and covered it all with netting again, it all looks good. The brussel sprouts are coming on, I can see the tiny sprouts forming up the stems.

I planted two box shrubs along my boundary and have taken lots of cuttings (which have taken root successfully) to add to the border next year as I want a box hedge to border my boundary on one side. I also dug a new flower bed on the other side of the plot.

This evening I made some Blackberry Curd with some berries that were in the freezer for months and I didn't want to waste them. The Raspberry Curd was such a success that I thought I would give other fruits a go as well. Mmmm next year Blueberry Curd, Red Gooseberry curd. I am really into Curds ( can you tell ? ) especially stirred into plain yogurt, delicious.


PamsEnglishGarden said...

What a busy day you had! Very productive! Made me feel a bit guilty. Thanks for letting me use the "yard" photo. Pamela x

Maureen said...

Hi PAMELA, I hope the 'yard' photo helped your students see the difference. It was a busy day but it needed doing.

Joanne said...

Great pumpkins and lovely butterfly shots

Anna said...

spersuNow that's a pumpkin monster Maureen. I must admit to being partial to lemon curd which does go quite nicely with plain yoghurt :)

Maureen said...

JOANNE, thanks for the comment.
ANNA, I haven't tried lemon curd in yogurt, I think that will be my next curd to try and make, I have lemons in the fridge.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

What a wonderful bounty you got! I love the pic of the pumpkins.

Prospero said...

Wow, those are some behemothic pumpkins!

Maureen said...

Hi Prospero, yes is certainly is a mammoth one, the different weights were for the one pumpkin as I realise not everyone uses the same. I didn't weigh the others but they are going to feed us for a while.

Gary Jen and Ruby said...

Pumpkin & Ginger curd sounds yum. Please let us have a link to the recipe!


Maureen said...

Hi GARY, Jen & Ruby, The Pumpkin & Ginger curd recipe is from the 'Fruits of the Earth' cook book. I will copy it out and post it when I have a spare moment, I'll let you know when I post it. If you love making curd, jam and pickles etc, I highly recommend this book, best price and no postage charge either is