Saturday, 17 October 2009

Good friends are a blessing. And also very handy !!

I had help on the plot today from a very good friend David (thanks David) I have been desperate to empty two VERY large builders bags that we filled with all sorts of rubbish when we first took on the plot in February 2008. We had put earth, weeds, grass, in fact almost everything we dug up as we were clearing the plot. I fully intended that it would one day go to the council tip, but a month or so ago we opened the bags and couldn't believe out luck! all the rubbish had rotted down into lovely crumbly soil. So with the help of David (Austin was out of action with a very sore arm having had a flu jab yesterday) we set to and emptied the two very large bags shoveling the soil onto the beds, making sure it was all really weed free.

We then levelled the area were the bags had been and put our two compost bins there. The area is now tidy and the compost bins are at the far end of the plot, instead of dotted around and are now less unsightly. David is the sort of friend everyone needs, he sorts out my PC problems as well if I can't sort it and in return we have him over for dinner and share a bottle of wine, my way of saying thank you, and I love cooking for friends.

I also had a delivery of a HUGE mountain of cow manure, a full truck load which I am sharing with my daughter and another plot holder. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that David also dug me a trench to bed five breeze blocks into, so I could level out a very sloping large area, so we worked very hard, lost track of time completely and only stopped for one cup of tea.

David in action, I caught him unaware I had my camera with me. I did however tell him and said I would post the photo here.

These tiny little plants (below) are Oriental Poppy seedlings 'Fruit Punch' . The packet says it contains a delicious mixture of Vibrant shades of red, hot pinks, bright oranges and the often elusive plum shades. Knowing my luck the plum shades wont show up in my packet !!! They can be sown either Feb-June or September - October, so I decided to sow them now as I will have too many other seeds to sow in the New Year. When they are big enough to pot on I have to overwinter them in a cold frame or in my case a cold greenhouse. I can't wait to see them grow. The macro setting has made the compost look like Boulder's.

My creative mood has stayed with me and I have made some more cards including a start on the Christmas ones. All very simple and uncomplicated, but it's a start on my return to my 'Other hobbies' all abandoned when I took on allotment life.


Jo said...

It's great to have good friends who are willing to lend a hand with jobs. Your cards are lovely. I'm sure your family and friends will be overjoyed to receive such beautiful Christmas cards.

Ali said...

Lucky you getting all that free compost you didn't know you had, and having your friend help you out!
Lovely cards - you do make them well.
I am off to the lotty now to see what else I need to do before the colder weather arrives.

Pam said...

Those cards are gorgeous, but so is David for helping you like that.
P x

Re said...

Those little Christmas stocking cards are really quite adorable.

Anna said...

David sounds a great guy and oh what perfect timing on your behalf to open the bags when you did. Like the cards - you are a talented lady !

allot of veg said...

Do you lend David out? Does he fancy a holiday in Leicester - I sure need some helpers at the moment!

Maureen said...

Thanks JO, ALI, PAM, RE, ANNA & ALLOT OF VEG for all your nice comments especially about the cards. I haven't made any for a while now. These are the first since I took on the allotment, and I have to say I enjoyed making them.
David is a good friend of our family and has a heart of gold, and enjoyed his dinner with us this evening, and now has the allotment bug and has offered to come and help some more. Austin is pleased as it let's him off the hook a bit.

Prospero said...

Hi Doc. Glad to hear that your composting is on track (I guess you had quite a few trespassers this season: lucky for you).

It's nice to see people sharing their talents and helping each other out (hey, maybe this is a theme for one of your cards, Doc!)

The Christmas cards are very lovely.