Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rain Rain go away

It's been a terrible day weather wise here. It's rained all day and I had lofty plans to dig up some of my dahlia's and store the tubers and spread some more manure on the allotment beds, but all my good intentions went out of the window.

I don't mind the rain, in fact it makes the soil easier to work,( when the rain stops of course!) but the dark and dreary skies I hate, they put me in a bad mood because I can't do what I really want to do.

I did some photo printing instead. I love using my digital SLR camera, I never thought I would ever say that as I was a real Film enthusiast and swore never to go digital. Anyway I love digital now, but, hate that I have all the photo's ( hundreds) on my external hard-drive and hardly ever have any proper copies around like in the good old days of FILM. So today I was printing some of my favourite photo's of the family to put into a large cream frame I bought from Ikea recently. It's a big enough frame to get quite a few in, a kind of rogues gallery of the family ! I never got it finished though, I was in that kind of mood where I couldn't finish any one job, and kept flitting from one thing to another. Ah well there's always tomorrow and hopefully some more sunshine.

Remember the poppy seeds 'fruit punch' I mentioned in a recent post ? I planted the seeds, all 50 (average 50 seeds the packet said) about 3 weeks ago, and only about 17 have germinated. I don't think that's a very good average, and I didn't expect them all to germinate, but I thought perhaps over half! anyway I have e-mailed Thompson & Morgan about it and I'm awaiting a reply.

That's about it for today. One last thing before I finish this post ! if you like nice handmade crafts (and who doesn't ?) have a peek at Pam's (from Hortensia) new blog and where she is going to sell her 'wares' from here is the link :

http://www.hortensiadesigns.blogspot.com/ Pam has only just set it up, so more things will be added later on.

Have you visited Kella's Jewellery and craft blog ? she has some lovely things as well.:-


Jo said...

It's been raining here all day today too. I've seen a weather warning for rain on the TV so it looks as if it is in for the next few days. Seems I'm going to be stuck indoors too.

Maureen said...

Hi JO, it's miserable weather isn't it ? It wasn't so bad today. There was a bit of drizzly rain and then it held off for the rest of the day. Thanks for posting a reply about your french beans.

Anna said...

We had a most wet day here yesterday but it improved today. Hope that you get a satisfactory answer from T&M. I should follow your lead and email them, as I sowed a packet of orlaya seeds in September and only 6 have germinated :(

Joanne said...

Hi Maureen it is funny how the weather unsettles one's mood and sometimes it is difficult to get on with things. Computers do that too I sit down for half an hour before doing a job and I am still there two hours later. Woops!

Maureen said...

Hi ANNA, I haven't had a reply from T&M yet,other than a automated response saying they will be in touch. I think you should give it a go too. The e-mail address is on the back of the pkt, I also put the Lot No on as well (found on the back). Even if I get another pkt of seeds it will have been worth the complaint.
JOANNE, I had a laugh at your confessions of a PC/blogger addict !!!! I do the same, terrible isn't it ?

Pam said...

Thank you for the lovely link Maureen.
P xx