Thursday, 22 October 2009

NeiNei's Blog

I want to share a blog link with you. I came across this blog by 'bloghopping' as I'm sure we all do at times. Nei (short for Stephanie) is a young woman who has survived a near fatal plane crash and has gone through major surgery and has been left with terrible scarring to her face and body. I think her beauty still shines through and she is a remarkable young woman who makes me feel humble and ashamed of ever moaning about trivial things (not that it ever stops us moaning , it's human nature I suppose !) Even more amazing is that Nei's blog is a happy bog and her humour comes through her writing instead of 'why me' she is glad to be alive to see her family grow.

There is a button on my side bar with NeiNei's name on it, ( Blue button saying 'I read NeiNei' underneath the Renee award) click and you will go straight there. She has some awesome photo's of her life and family.
On another note I managed to dodge the rain today and get a fair amount of work done on the allotment, with Austin's help ! he collected two large pop up gardening bags of leaves for me, whilst I lugged cow poo in wheelbarrow loads to mulch around my lovely raspberries, which incidentally I am still harvesting albeit small amounts now, all going in the freezer to add to the big bag in there for my raspberry curd. Yum !

We are off to play with the grandchildren tomorrow for a few days, so that's it for gardening and allotment's !! until next week , I have to plant my garlic yet and dig and manure a trench ready to plant my asparagus in for next year.

Have a lovely week-end.


Ali said...

Hiya, sounds like you are still working hard on the plot. I have tried to click on Nei Neims blog but I keep getting sent back to yours!

Maureen said...

Hi ALi, you shouldn't have any trouble getting to NeiNei's blog are you clicking on the blue button saying 'I read NeiNei which is under the 'Renee award' ?? on the right side of my blog.

Jo said...

Thanks for sharing the link to NeiNei's blog, Maureen. I can totally relate to living life to the full after a near death experience. I found out I had Cancer nine years ago. My kids were only five and two, and I didn't know if I would come out the other end. It certainly makes you wake up and appreciate everything around you. Saying that, we wouldn't be human if we didn't have a moan now and then, would we?
Hope you have a lovely time with your grandchildren.

Maureen said...

Jo, I hope you are in the clear now, it must have be terrifying for you all. I have the greatest of respect for anyone that has a life threatening experience.
We had a great few days with the grandchildren. Thanks for your comment.