Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Art's and Craft's

Although this blog is mainly about my allotment and garden, I do have lot's of craft hobbies as well, and making cards is one of them. I have been making greetings cards for many years now, which range from artifacts made of clay that are baked in the oven (designed and made by me) and then I hand paint and mount it onto either ribbons or unusual handmade paper (not made by me) and then onto the card, time consuming but very satisfying.

Then some are rubber stamped, hand painted and glitzed and sometimes Lacquered, some are hand drawn and water coloured by me, others are decoupaged, I could go on and on (but I wont!) I make one offs that take ages and I never repeat, and then I also do special orders for people who want something you can't buy anywhere else and that is personal.

It's a very rewarding hobby, but one that I have neglected since taking on the allotment. I do have a large stock though so always have something that someone needs. In fact all these photo's were taken today and that is only half of the cards I have.

I am going to get back into my 'crafty' ways again over the coming months as I think I need to do this, perhaps I have been neglecting this part of me . I also mount my photography onto cards but that's much easier than actually designing and crafting cards.


They are all in clear cellophane pockets so there is a bit of a shine on some of them from the flash.


Clay imprinted then baked, finished in silver and bronze with small beads added, then mounted on ribbon



Always popular







I thought I would share something a bit different today. It was actually great getting the cards out of the cupboard and taking the photo's, just doing that got my creative thoughts and ideas flowing again.


cherry said...

Miss Mo your crafty ways are beautiful! Get busy and have fun .
hugs, Cherry

Maureen said...

Hi CHERRY, thank you for your nice comment, I will get busy with making more real soon.

re said...

Your cards are beautiful each in their own way.

Maureen said...

Hi RE, thank you. Sometimes I think blogging is a bit like when at school and they had 'Bring & Show' days. I feel like I am showing off, but hey we all like nice compliments to boost our ego's a little bit, so nice comments are always appreciated.

Kella said...

They are beautiful, I'm loving them, I enjoy the collaging form of decorating them.

allot of veg said...

Hi Maureen
Great cards - I like the sea shell one, the beads are just the right colours.
I'm getting crafty tonight sewing on Beaver Scout badges - although I seem to have lost one on the way home. Bad Mummy!

Maureen said...

Hi KELLA, thanks, glad you like them. The fish take ages, or rather did, as I made a huge batch ready to use. I had to draw them, paint them and the worse bit is cutting them out. Best bit making them all look different from each other. I have some gorgeous 'House Mouse' rubber stamps they are adorable, I love playing with them.

Maureen said...

ALLOT OF VEG, you are so funny, I bet there's never a dull moment in your house. thanks for the comment. I hope the boys don't notice the missing badge, just don't try making one !!!!

Jo said...

They're wonderful, Maureen. My craft box hasn't been out for ages. I also enjoy scrapbooking.

Maureen said...

Thanks JO, get that craft box out and it will inspire you to get going again. Scrapbooking is good I have done a couple of Mini-albums for my grand-children, have a good week-end.

Prospero said...

Hey, Doc - that's a nice hobby you have there. I liked the fish and sea ones, though was a little surprised since you are scared of the sea. The one made of Indian ribbon is gorgeous. I'm glad you pulled all these treasure out of your cupboards. Now we can all see them -and you will be encouraged to make more wonderful cards.

Maureen said...

Hi PROSPERO, thank you for the kind comment. I am indeed scared of the sea, but at the same time love it as well, especially the shoreline. I think almost every room in my home has shells and pebbles, or other little collections that I pick up from the beach whenever we go visit.
The Indian ribbon came from a bag that someone brought back from Mumbai recently and kindly gave to me, so I am making very good use of it.