Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pumpkin and Ginger Curd - made at last !

Well I got around to making the curd at last. I made the pumpkin puree yesterday and put it in the fridge and then made the curd today.

I used two medium squashes to make the puree, the recipe calls for butternut squash, but says any pumpkin or squash can be used. I cut the squashes into halves, removed the seeds and surrounding seed flesh then put the halves cut side down on the tray and baked them for
35-40 Min's until the flesh was soft. I then let them cool enough to handle and scooped the flesh out , put it in a blender and pureed it until thick and smooth. I made enough to make the curd and have some to make a pumpkin pie as well.

The finished Puree

The bottled Pumpkin and Ginger Curd
( it looks a bit like 'piccalilli' doesn't it ? )

I didn't like the texture of the curd, it has a curdled look, but it could be that you have to add the zest of a whole lemon and a whole orange and I may not have grated it finely enough, so maybe that's what has caused the texture.

However, I thought I had better taste and test it before posting details of it, and I have to say it is lovely. I added it to some plain yogurt and the ginger and the citrus flavours went really well with it.

When mixed with the yogurt it took on a custard colour, Mmmmm


Small chillies which are very hot, that I grew lot's of and I'm now drying them. They are very small that's a small saucer they are on, just to give you an idea of the size.

Chillies (Pyramid) hot little devils !

This photo is of the Delphinium in my garden it has amazingly decided to grow and flower again after I had cut it right back to the ground a month or so ago, it's a lot smaller than it was earlier in the year, but still a welcome sight. It just shows how mild the weather is at the moment.

Delphinium defying the weather.


Jo said...

Yes, it does look a bit like piccalilli. Glad it tasted good. It's amazing how flowers will zing back into life once they've been given a cut back.

laundryetc said...

I thought your curd looked good until the picture of the knife with a big blob of the stuff on there - it definitely looks scrambled! Curds curdle when they get too hot during cooking and when using whole eggs the whites cook at a different rate to the yolks. Also cooked pumpkin even when pureed has a slight grainy texture anyway unlike lemon or orange curd, which only has the zest to add texture to it. Curdled curds can often be rescued by straining and leaving to go cold. I hope you found it delicious even though it may not have been perfect. This curd is one of my favourites and was an unexpected success. Thanks for reminding me to make some more. - Gloria

Anna said...

Sounds as if the curd is going down well Mo. Mild here too - out in short sleeves yesterday afternoon - had to take jacket off :)

Maureen said...

Hi Gloria
I have googled lot's of info on curd making, and you are right I did cook on too high a heat and that's what curdled it. Oh well live and learn ! and I have lots of pumpkins so I'm going to cook it again next week and get it right this time. When I made the raspberry curd I filled the pan with cold water and brought it gently to the right heat before putting the pan with the ingredients over it. This time, don't know why (very stupid) I put boiling water from the kettle to save time, so that's what did it TOO HOT !! whoops !.
I appreciate your time helping me realise my mistake, let me know how yours turns out. I love your blog and shop by the way.

Maureen said...

Hi ANNA and JO, thanks for the comments, as you can see mistakes have been made with the Pumpkin Curd, I am determined to get it right next week, although I have to say texture aside it does taste yummy.

Prospero said...

Looks yummy, Doc. Nice Delphinium. too. Right now I have lettuce, tomatoes, bush beans and carrots in the garden. On the weekend, I'll plant my onion seeds.

Maureen said...

Hi PROSPERO, it seems really strange that as we are winding our veg growing down, you are starting your planting and growing there in Bermuda.
Have a good week-end.

Joanne said...

You have been busy sounds delicious and the Delphinium is doing well still.

ginny said...

what a gorgeous colour...and really inspiring to see all that you are preserving.
the weather is good tody.. hope the rain didn't wash you away last weekend,
warm wishes
ginny x

Maureen said...

JOANNE & GINNY, Thank you so much for the comments and visiting the blog, I have been busy for a week or so and the blog has been neglected, normal service to be resumed as soon as possible!!! said...

wow this sounds yummy!
I have a pumpkin pecan recipe but would love to try yours. can you direct me to this recipe please?
Thanks everso-Sue

Maureen said...

Hi Sue
I will write out the recipe and post it as soon as I get time and leave a message on your blog to say I have done that. Thanks for the visit and comment.