Monday, 13 July 2009

This and That, Odds and Ends.

One of my blogger friends, Moe, asked me if I bought anything at the flower show, well I was quite restrained ! but I did buy a few things, and here they are below.

I couldn't resist this Lovely 'french style' tin plant holder, it may never get outside however, as I like it in my kitchen !!

I have been after a Vietnamese coriander since last year, and now I have one. They are spicier and hotter tasting that the usual coriander and great in oriental dishes and stir fries. The plant is very attractive is fairly hardy, but needs to be overwintered.

I bought this beautiful Dahlia, only mine is only in bud, so no flowers as yet.

I also bought this Leucanthemum, 'Aglaia' every second person seemed to have one, so I guess it's one to look out for in the garden centres. I just liked it's unruly scruffy petals, bit of a hippy in the plant world if you ask me !!! I just haven't found a place to plant it yet, so re -potted it in a much larger pot for the time being.

I didn't buy this at the show, a friend bought it for my birthday this year. I love it and when I get around to it it's going to hang over the summerhouse in the garden.

My 'Lemongrass' I sowed five seeds all germinated and this one is thickening up beautifully, so I'm hoping to have fresh lemongrass this year 'maybe'. It's got a long way to go before being fully grown, the photo below is one I took at the flower show on the oriental garden.
Full grown 'Lemongrass'

My Herb table, the herbs are growing faster than I can use them, I need to dry some, or maybe freeze.

Sundays Harvest
The garlic planted in the autumn is an amazing size, my garage smells terrible ! so I moved them to dry in the mini greenhouse at the back of the garden. I will definitely be planting again in the autumn, a cold snap really makes the bulbs swell.

These five were pulled up over a week ago and are drying beautifully. I just have to learn how to plait them all now as I have about thirty garlics so need to store them well.

A half trug of peas. I left them too long and some were very big, but still tasty and useful for soups or in recipes. I have cut the plants down now and frozen all of the peas. I hate the job of shelling them.

This is the last crop of Broad beans, I had three carrier bags full, so gave a lot away to elderly neighbours. The rest I have frozen, next year I will cut back the amount of plants I grow, I really must get the hang of quantities. The plants are gone now and I have two free beds, which is just as well as my brussels and purple sprouting broccoli have to go in soon as the plants (individually potted) need to go in the ground.

I also picked a bag full of spinach and loads of french beans ( my favourite crop) which I never expected to crop this early, they are so delicious. So that's about it with the latest news on the lottie.

I hope all of your crops are doing well and the weather isn't to bad wherever you live.


Joanne said...

I meant to ask what you bought so now I know. You clearly had a good time at the show.

Prospero said...

Hi Maureen. You just reminded me that I forgot to plant lemongrass in my Jardin this year! Oh, well.

I'd be interested in tasting the Vietnamese coriander, since I like stir-fry myself.

Beautiful herb table! And keep growing that garlic (very good for you, I hear).

Jo said...

I absolutely love your tin plant holder. Perhaps it should say 'cuisine' instead of 'jardin' if it's going to stay in your kitchen.
I've been picking my peas too. They're delicious eaten straight from the pods.

Maureen said...

Hi JOANNE, I left a message on your last post.
Hi PROSPERO, I will make sure I remind you to plant your Lemongrass next year. You should try to get hold of the Vietnamese Coriander, I love experimenting with different herbs, do you ?
Hi JO, thanks for the comments, your right about the wording on the tin plant holder, Garden doesn't sound quite right in the kitchen in any language. I left my peas to get too big, so they weren't as sweet as when they are picked smaller.

Moe said...

Hi Maureen,
Oh you still got some lovely lovely plants, and I love the horseshoe that your friend gave you, did she make it herself? Your little harvest is making me green with envy, I Love Pod Peas and love shelling them (& eating them while shelling them!) Your Harvest is going great!
Moe xx

Maureen said...

Hi Moe, this post was so you could see what I bought, seeing as you asked, I thought I would show you.

My friend bought the horseshoe I think in Cornwall, it is painted in a traditional way that people living on canal barges paint their wares to decorate their barges and to sell. I love the milk churn's that they do as well also old iron kettles, buckets etc.

Anna said...

I too was wondering whether you had been tempted to buy any goodies at the show. My garlic has done well too this year thanks to the cold winter :)

Pam said...

Serious envy going up here in Northumberland - too far to come and steal the metal bucket so you should be ok.
No promises though.

P xx

Scattered Gardener said...

Hello Maureen,
I am so jealous of your broad bean harvest - mine failed completely! My tip for enjoying the podding of peas - choose a sunny evening, sit in your garden, and have a long Pimms to hand. Must include a sprig of mint! Then it becomes a treat, not a chore. I'm looking forward to doing more this weekend if the rain storms predicted for tomorrow blow over:-)

Maureen said...

ANNA, thanks for the comment, It's great when the garlic is pulled up isn't it, I think we have enough for about 6-7 months.
PAM, It's one of those things that I had to buy, and was so inexpensive, so that was good !!
SCATTERED GARDENER, I like the sound of the Pimms, in fact I love Pimms, but I don't think I will ever like podding peas or broad beans. I hope you have better luck next time with your broad beans.