Saturday, 18 July 2009

RHS Wisley - a gardener in training !!!!

Here we go another day's training.
Bertie's work is never ending.

Right ! let's check out the plants.

Hmmm ! I think I'll call this one a thingamajig !

OK Time for a break. Oh goody mummy's packed me some bread sticks, yummy !

Work finished now time to drive home.

What a sweet little 'strawberry'

Florence Rose


Jo said...

Oh, how cute. You've got a budding under gardener in the making there.

Prospero said...

Hello, Maureen.

One day, people will ask - How did you get you green thumb, Bertie? And he will answer, I don't know (spoken like a real gardener).

For the moment, though, I think it's a good thing that his feet can't quite reach the gas pedal!
Would you take a taxi ride with this guy?

I think that "strawberry" is just a little surprised at the whole thing!

How are your gardens going? Mine are pretty much out of control right now. It's just too hot. I have several African and Australian shrub seedlings growing, but I'll have to wait to October or so to plant them out.

Joanne said...

What delightful grandchildren and good that you are initiating them into the joys of gardening from an early age.

allot of veg said...

Bless! A strawberry - she looks quite surprised! They are both lovely ages - make the most of it.

Anna said...

Bertie looks the prefect little helper and little Florence looks good enough to eat :)

Maureen said...

Thank you all for the comments, sorry I didn't acknowledge them before, but I have been out of action with a stomach bug which started with Bertie last week and we have now all had it except for my husband, so hoping he doesn't as it has floored me, and I have no energy.

Sue said...

What sweeties! How old are they now? Bertie looks like he's close to my grandson's age. He was born January 4, 2008. You may have told me, but I seem to be pretty forgetful lately.