Monday, 20 July 2009

Photo's from RHS Wisley

A selection of photo's taken last week at RHS Wisley

The Rose Gardens
The wild border

Turkshead Lilly (I think !)

Mixed border


Hemerocallis, 'Red Precious'

Rosa, Rhapsody in blue, 'Fantasia'
It looks more like purple to me !


Hemerocallis 'Red Suspenders'

Lemongrass growing at 'RHS Wisley'
I have never know them to grow this before.


Joanne said...

Thanks Maureen lovely photos I am sure you enjoyed your visit.

Kella said...

Lovely flowers.

I suppose they are growing the lemon grass as an annual, since its not frost hardy.

Prospero said...

Maureen, sorry about the stomach bug. Please try to get some rest.
Just think Wisley Gardens and all will be well.

Jo said...

I hope you are feeling better now, Maureen.
Those borders look fantastic.

Pam said...

Didn't used to be too fussed about daylillies, but I think I'm being converted.
You not well? Hope you're ok now.
P x

Maureen said...

Thanks once again for all your comments. I am feeling better, but still not 100% and lacking in my usual energy. My son has it now, so that's all of us apart from my husband (so far).

Scattered Gardener said...

Hello Maureen, looks as if your grandson enjoyed his trip to Wisley! Last time we went my youngest (then 13) took his video camera into the shrubberies to make a film with friends, they keep enjoying the gardens in their own way for years to come.
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, we must visit again this summer, get some inspiration and plants to excite my autumn borders.

gypsywoman said...

what incredibly breathtaking flowers! beautiful!