Friday, 31 July 2009

Ooooooh I do just love a bargain.

My First bargain this week was this little completely folding, painted hardwood, bistro set from 'Wyvale garden centre' I have had my eye on it for months. We didn't have a set anymore as the mosaic table got rusted and really old, now being used for my herb table (you can see it in the corner of the photo) anyway back to my bargain, it was in the sale for half price, so we couldn't resist it and it looks perfect in the garden.

Next bargain of this week was from 'Homebase' which was three perennial border plants all reduced from £6.99 each to £2.29 each, they just needed deadheading and dead leaves removed and a bit of a feed and already I have new flowers in 2 days.
The plants are : Alstroemeria 'Jazze Purple Rose' , Verbasccum 'Jackie in Pink' and verbascum 'Jackie in Yellow' all very beautiful. ( photo's below) Then after I had paid for them the assistant said that over in the corner there were plants for free for customers to help them selves !! so I had 2 Aubergine plants and 4 strawberry plants of a different variety to the ones I have. Amazing, now I have the bug and want to scout the garden centres for more bargains.

Alstoemeria 'Jazze Purple Rose'

Verbascum 'Jackie In Yellow'

Verbascum 'Jackie in Pink'

Dahlia 'Pink Giraffe' (a stunning plant)

Although this isn't a bargain buy, as I paid a lot of money for the original plant at Hampton Court Flower Show three years ago. I only had flowers the year I bought it, and after that it didn't do very much at all, so last autumn I dug around and found the tubers which had increased by then. I dried them and stored over winter, and this year I have got 6 very large plants from the original one, so I am delighted with the results as the flower is beautiful and great for cutting.


A few photo's of around the garden today. I am glad I worked on the garden this year as we have been enjoying it so much (weather permitting !!) the borders look full and the plants colourful.

Leucanthemum 'Algaia'

These have yet to go in a border, but I like to take my time as I often make mistakes and have to dig plants up and re position them.

Japanese anemones, they have literally taken over a huge corner of the garden and are very hard to keep under control, but they are lovely.

My surprise 'calendula' the tri colour petals are really nice.

They may be 'plastic' but they are very cheery and catch the light beautifully, I love quirky things around my garden

Blueberries, lots of fruit this year and next year should see a great harvest.

Sweet-peas, one of many in the garden.


Pam said...

Oh, there's that wonderful giraffe dahlia again! Very pretty.
P x

Prospero said...

Hi Maureen. That's a lot of shopping. I think you need a vacation.

I really like the Japanese anemones. And I'm so sad that I can't grow blueberries where I'm at. They are so full of antioxidants.

You can enjoy them in a nice bowl on your new patio set. How's that for a vacation.

Maureen said...

PAM, I know you love these as much as I do, it is very pretty, and doesn't look a bit like a dahlia really.
PROSPERO, That was a lot of shopping for one week, and I do need a vacation, but now it's going to have to be in the garden, not that I mind as it's so peaceful and very private in our garden.
I have grown the blueberries for my little grandson Bertie, he loves them, so tomorrow I am taking him the first harvest. (I have eaten a few !!) next year should be a better yield so we can share.
Have a lovely week-end.

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Cute bistro set!

allot of veg said...

Beautiful flowers. My garden is a syphony of green at the moment, I need more flowers!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Lovely garden! The Dahlia is gorgeous! You got some great finds! -Jackie

Sue said...

I love your bistro set, too. You got some nice bargains there! I planted a ruffled daisy like yours, but it died back last year, came back this, and bloomed, then died back again. I wonder if it will come up next year.

Your blueberries look pretty as well as yummy.


great great bargains - and beautiful little bistro set which i love! what a wonderful little space you've created! serenely beautiful!

Maureen said...

NOT SO ANGRY REDHEAD (love that title ) thanks for the comment, also to ALLOT OF VEG.
JACKIE, thanks for visiting and the comment.
SUE, I hope your ruffled daisy comes back up next year, they are so pretty especially in a clump, I have bought another now, but still undecided as to where to plant them.
GYPSYWOMAN, thanks for the comments.