Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I have my oomph back ! but perhaps you never knew I lost it ?

Here I am back in action after a horrible stomach bug. Why is it that simple viruses can leave us (or me anyway) mentally down and lacking in oomph, so much so that when I did finally have the energy to go up to the allotment, I took one look at the weeds, masses of growth on the veg, everything looked huge ! giant cabbages, giant sweetcorn, (could that really have happened in 3 days ??) and I almost gave it all up. Thank goodness I don't act on the spur of the moment, ever the cautious Cancerian that's me ! and anyway the council offices were closed for the day.

I should be rejoicing as the council have actually kept their word for a change (without the extra phone call ) and have strimmed and cut down all the weeds on the three plots around my own plot. It looks so good and spacious too. They just need to get on and give out the vacant plots to someone on the bulging list they have.

I think I slept more in the two days I had the bug than I would usually sleep in half a week, consequently I woke at around 4am this morning and found it hard to get back to sleep, so I got out my allotment notebook and made notes on all the crops I have grown this year (what an exciting life I lead !!!) I do have other interests honest !! and made comments as to which ones were successful and which ones I wouldn't grow again.

I also made notes to myself as to how many plants I should grow next year, as I grew far too many this year. There is only so much two people can eat and now my daughter has her own plot she doesn't need anything from mine.

I love giving to the neighbours, and would always have some over for that, but it's the time involved in the raising and caring first for the seedlings then the plants. So next year I have to be strict with myself and compost any extra plant's that nobody else wants.

A harvest from last Friday, runner beans, french beans (Fasold) I will be definitely grow these again, they are delicious, a yummy yellow courgette and my first cucumber from the lottie greenhouse.

Last evening's harvest, 5 courgettes, the round ones are delicious roasted. Runner beans, french beans and Cabbage 'wheelers imperial' I would really recommend this variety the hearts are solid and very light green. We had to compost the darker outer leaves as they had been munched by caterpillars. Oh I feel better just looking at that photo, how could I have even thought for a fleeting second about giving up the lottie patch.


gypsywoman said...

hello - just browsing around and came across your little plot in blogland - neat blog - and wonderful veggies you have - makes me want to at least have another container garden which i've not done in way too long - anyway, please feel free to drop by one of my places - i have several i'm working on - but you can always catch me there - i always have wonderful ice cold tea ready for warm summer days - jenean

allot of veg said...

Hi Maureen
Glad you are back to speed.
Harvest looks good too!
I was going to post my dahlias for you but the cake need a mention first.

Maureen said...

GYPSYWOMAN, thanks for the comment, I hope you get to grow some container veg again. I dropped by and saw your lovely old family photo's.
ALLOT OF VEG, the chocolate cake looked delicious, but I would love to see your Dahlias when you post them, looking forward to it.

Pam said...

We'll have to remind each other next Spring about quantity control. And if I look at another blackcurrant waiting to be washed and sorted I think I'll scream. Thank goodness for freezers. Oops, that still has fruit in from last year.
P x

Jo said...

It makes everything worthwhile when you get such a good harvest. I'm picking courgettes now, and my beans will be ready any day.

Maureen said...

PAM, your freezer comment made me chuckle as I still have raspberries and blackberries from last year in mine, and will be harvesting raspberries again soon, oh no !
JO, it is great I agree. But next year I really want to be sensible and plant only what we can manage to eat and also not spend out too much on the allotment. The first year was expensive setting everything up with netting, fleece, canes, seeds etc I could go on, but I'm sure you know that already. enjoy your courgettes and beans, and please share any recipes.

Prospero said...

Glad you're back to normal Maureen. I was getting worried! And was thinking of sending you the urchin. Did I ever tell you that she's from the uk? She'd be going home (probably pretty strange to her after living on a tropical island for all this time).

Of course, there's nothing like fresh vegetables, the ones you've grown yourself. Weeds will be weeds, but the gardening spirit is indomitable.

Maureen said...

Hi PROSPERO, no you didn't tell me the urchin was from the U.K before! it would be terrible for her after all those years of lovely weather to come here at the moment, it's been raining and windy for days, and today was just like winter, dark and dreary. Your last photo's were lovely, make my veggie pic's look boring, really !!! I'll have to post some 'arty shots'

Pam'sEnglishGarden said...

Hi, Maureen,
So sorry you were under the weather and glad you are feeling better. Your harvest is wonderful, but I understand what you say about planting more than you need. I planted extra this year intending to give the surplus to the local food pantry, but this is the worst gardening year ever in our area ... nothing is getting ripe and blossom-end-rot is rampant because the nights are not warm enough and its raining too much. Oh, dear, sorry to sound so gloomy. But I'm glad I planted extra in order to get SOMETHING eventually. You just never know what Mother Nature is going to send! That's what makes gardening so exciting.
Keep up the good work! Pamela

Maureen said...

PAM (English garden),you are so right about not knowing what mother nature will throw at us gardeners, so a big thank you for the reminder, as I will now keep that in mind before composting all the left over plants. I hope you are well, I will visit your blog later, sorry it's been a while since I have.

Ali said...

Hi Mo,
Glad you didn't throw in the towel. A fellow cancerian - I knew it!! it's good to be cautious. Like you I have to exercise quantity control next year but its hard when you are putting in tiny little seedling plants - they just don't look enough, and like you I love to give some produce away. I am glad my blog is downloading better now thanks to you!
Ali :0)

Re said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, great news that the weeds have been strimmed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maureen
Your blog is great and I love the photos. Thanks for telling me about it! Have been up to the allotment today and discovered blight on my tomatoes. They have grown a bit out of control so have just spent hours rescueing them from falling over recently, only to find them covered in black blotches today. Must be the lots of rain we had....Hope your crops are ok, and see you up there in our 'heaven' this weekend no doubt.


Maureen said...

Hi RONELLE. I'm glad you found the blog and that you like it. It's actually fun to do, keeps me out of mischief and does make it easier to look back and see what was sown when and if it was a success.
What a shame about your tomatoes, I hope it isn't going to spread around the allotment like it did last year. I hope you manage to save something of them. Pick them green if you have to.

We are at my son's this week-end, so I will see you up at our little 'heaven' next week.
Have a good week-end.

Sue said...

I'm glad you are getting your energy back. I tend to get things a couple times a year that set me back for a bit.

Your plot is looking great, and I'm glad the weeds got cut. Look at all that wonderful food! I've figured out that planting smaller amounts of things, and not row after row works out well for our family. I wish I had time to can, but I barely have time to cook what I grow sometimes.

I enjoyed your garlic plaiting, too. I had success keeping mine on a screen in the basement last year. I didn't get the garlic thinned as well this year, and it's not as big. Also, even though our deck is covered, the rain has gotten the garlic wet. I hope it dries out OK. I'll have to see if I think I can plait it.