Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A blog worth sharing

I was looking for recipes for cooking my summer squashes online, and came across this lovely blog .

Sadly the young woman who created the blog died last year, she had cancer, but her husband and family are continuing the blog for her as they know that's what she would have wanted. Isn't that a wonderful thing for them to do ? I haven't yet looked at the backdated posts or had time to really read a lot of it, but I will later on. It has some wonderful recipes. Please take a look I'm sure you will find something of interest there.

If nothing else it will make you treasure your life and all the beauty in the world. It certainly did that for me.

Wishing you all a perfect day.


Prospero said...

Great link, Maureen. Shouldn't go there if you're hungry, though.

Re said...

That's so sad but what a wonderful tribute to continue with the blog.

Pam'sEnglishGarden said...

Thanks, Maureen. I explored the site and printed out some recipes to try. She must have been a lovely person.
I kept up with your blog while I was in England. Congrats. on the publication of your photo. Your veggies are looking great! Keep up the good work!

Maureen said...

Thank you all for the comments and I'm glad that you visited the link, it would be so nice for Bri's family to know that the blog is getting further recognition.
PAM, thank you for taking the time to keep up with my blog whilst you were on holiday in England. I hope you had a wonderful time.

Cynthe Brush (Bri's Mom-in-Law) said...

Maureen ~ Wanted to thank you for giving our FigsWithBri blog some enthusiastic promotion. We thrive with a bit of encouragement.

Bri would have LOVED the beautiful veggies you're growing. And would have had LOTS of ideas of what to do with them! Her fav way of cooking summer squash was to broil we do that now. Amazing how many squash 3-4 folks can eat that way. Great to remember if you end up with too many zucchinis at summer's end.

Will explore your blog more when I have time to delight in it.