Monday, 26 January 2009

Still Harvesting

Purple sprouting broccoli (above)
Brussel Sprouts (above) wallflowers (below)

Today was the first visit to the lottie in a week. The sweet-peas are growing strong in the greenhouse. The garlic looks very sturdy and I should be able to get it planted out soon. I planted the garlic in individual sections, so it will be easy to plant out with little or no disturbance. The ones that I planted straight into the ground are also doing very well.
I cut the tops off the brussel sprouts, they are like little cabbages and are very tasty, some will be going in a soup with the leeks I dug up. The remaining brussels will get bigger now the tops are off the plants, and I will probably have harvested them all by mid February, I can then dig that bed ready for my beans.
As you can see in the photo my purple sprouting broccoli is just beginning to show some purple sprouts, I can't wait to harvest that as it's a favourite veg and so expensive to buy.
The photo at the bottom shows my wallflowers which have grown so big, they are going to look and smell wonderful. I think it's because they are protected from the weather in their bed by the greenhouse, as I lost some that were planted in pots.
As you can see in the bottom photo I still have lots of leeks to harvest, I need to get some more sown soon.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering the identity of those lush plants in the foreground. They bloom fairly early don't they?

Nice post

Maureen said...

Hi Grace, thanks for the comment.
Wallflowers bloom in the early spring and are so beautiful. Here is a link with a photo I thought you might like to see.
When mine flower I will post a photo.

Anna said...

I have planted wallflowers at the lottie too. Can't wait to smell them :)