Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sowing Broad Beans

I decided not to leave it to chance as to whether or not I have lost some Broad Beans. The strong winds broke some of my plants that are already in the ground. So today I planted 20 seeds of "Thompson & Morgan's" "Bunyards Exhibition" in cardboard toilet roll innards. I did this last year and it was very successful! as the depth of the roll allows the long roots to establish well, and, they can be planted into the ground in the tubes as they will rot down, that way there will be very little root disturbance.

I have to say though that I did tear the cardboard open a bit last year just to get the roots going in the soil quicker, as mine were late going in.

We love Broad Beans, and have just finished the last bag from last years crop that were in the freezer. I grew the same beans last year and had a great crop and they were delicious.

This method also works well with Sweet Peas as they also have long roots. So if you haven't tried this sowing method before start collecting your loo rolls.


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I don't know anything about planting beans but I think this is a great post, sharing your ideas and experiences that have worked! I hope you have a wonderful 'crop'?? of beans later!!!

Pam said...

Cardboard tubes make fantastic root trainers - am using them for my first lot of sweet peas. Shame about your beans in the stormy weather - looked at ours on Tuesday and they seemed to have survived. (So far.)

Thanks for the fave on blotanical,

P x

Anna said...

Must get some runner beans in so thanks for the timely reminder Maureen :)