Sunday, 18 January 2009

First seeds this year are sown- Yippee

I really feel that Spring is nearly upon us, the weather today is sunny with blue skies, so once again the weather forecast wasn't spot on, but hey ! I'm not complaining. I know we will have more frosts for a while to come yet, but lets make the most of these lovely days and get ahead ready for planting.

Apart from taking up some kitchen waste ( some from my neighbour as well) for the compost bin, I don't intend to do anything on the allotment today. Instead I have planted my onion, leeks, and tomato seeds. I don't have a photo as it would seem rather boring just looking at bare compost, so I will post one when the first shoots appear. (fingers crossed). I planted them in John Innes seed compost and covered them and put them on window sills and will move them on to the greenhouse ( which is unheated) when they start growing and the weather is warmer.

This is the ideal time to check all your seed packets from last year if you haven't already done so, and throw out any that are out of date or that you weren't pleased with. Then take stock of what you need to buy or want to grow this year and look around the garden centres or "Wilkinsons" (wilko's) if you have a store near you, as their prices are very good. I personally never order from seed catalogues unless it's something rare that I can't get locally. For reasons -one, I am too impatient to wait for delivery and two, I like to hold the seed packet and turn it over and read the sowing advice etc before deciding to buy it.

I brought two Blueberry bushes which I got at the end of last year from "Wisley" RHS gardens. They need ericatious compost and are better off in large pots, (thats unless your soil is right for them !) mine isn't so they are in pots and they are in my garden, I decided not to take them to the allotment as they were too expensive and could easily be taken ( not that we usually have any theft problems) in pots.


DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Yummy, blueberries! I've been wanting to try some blueberries- you'll have to keep us updated!

Maureen said...

Hi tessa, I certainly will. this is my first time growing them, I bought large plants so i'm hoping to get a harvest this year.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

It will be exciting to see how everything grows in your garden. I couldn't sow seeds right now (not that I ever will!) but even if I wanted to, the ground is frozen! I love blueberries but doubt that I could grow those either. I am going to have to watch yours grow instead:)

Daphne said...

I planted a lot of blueberries last year. Luckily for us the soil is right. They grow wild on the hill next to us, but breakfast is easier if I can take my bowl in hand and pick them right here rather than hiking a mile to pick them.

Anna said...

I will be going through my seed box this weekend in readiness. Can't wait to get started :)