Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hurrah ! at last some decent weather

The weather was so mild today it was like an early spring day. So we ( my allotment assistant-Austin came as well) took advantage of it and went up to the lottie for an hour or so.
As you can see by the photo I managed to dig over what was last years cabbage bed. The soil was fantastic, that frost really did the trick.

I also dug up about 7 leeks for tomorrows lunch of leek and potato soup. They were very muddy and needed lots of washing, not my favourite job as leeks are so hard to get clean.

I also dug the two raised beds and added some manure that I had delivered about three
months ago. I checked the broad beans (under the plastic tunnel) they seem to be OK but one or two looked a little fragile after the severe frosts we had last week. I will sow some more just in case they don't survive.

I am going to sow my onion seeds this week-end, I usually buy onion sets, but thought I would have a go at sowing from seed this year. It was so good to be doing something up there today and a couple of walkers going past stopped to chat which is always nice. Hopefully the weather will start to get better now and I can't wait for the lighter evenings.


♥Min Eden♥ said...

Helou Hampshire girl!
Thank you for visitng my blog!
There is a google-translator on my site. You just choose english then is translates the hole text. The translating can be kind of funny...

I will take a look att your site now!
Take care!

flowergardengirl said...

You have a great blog and I'm reading all about your raised gardens. Great job on getting them ready and looks like you know what you are doing. Welcome to blotanical

Daphne said...

Yum leek and potato soup is one of my very favorites. Your lucky to be getting mild weather. Here across the pond we are in a deep freeze. We are going to get to -18C tonight. Brrr.

Leigh said...

Wow, you are working hard! I must admit that I've never had leek and potato soup. But it sounds interesting. How do you make it?
Glad you had a bit of warmth in the air.
Take care, Leigh

Anna said...

Mmmmmm - another fan of leek and potato soup too. Like you I usually grow onions from sets. I planted some in the autumn but would like to try some from seed. Wilkos here we come :)