Thursday, 15 January 2009

The case of the missing leeks

When I last visited my plot on Tuesday I noticed that some leeks were missing or maybe I was mistaken ? I didn't really know for sure. Anyway this evening my daughter Niki and her partner Paul came for dinner and in conversation she let slip that they had fancied making some leek and potato soup !!!! so had popped up to my plot ( they are working on their own plot, but it's early days) and STOLE some leeks, cheeky devils ! so if you two are reading this blog HANDS OF MY LEEKS !! I think I had better sow extra seeds for them this year.

I don't really mind though as they have some nice cauliflowers growing, so when I fancy some cauliflower cheese I may just ?????????? - love you Niki ! next time you want to do a "Peter Rabbit" can you pull up a few weeds as well please.


dinzie said...

Now if only my inlaws here gardened as well :O)

Like the blog and the pictures :O)


Maureen said...

Hi Dinzie, thanks for dropping by. I just had a peek at your blog and realised that I have visited you before, probably a link from someone else. lovely blog and I will visit again.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

While I don't have a veggie garden, I can just picture the scenario. It's a cute story and worth telling--especially in the kind and humorous way that you did:) (Cauliflower & cheese is a favorite dish we usually serve on holidays like Christmas & Thanksgiving! My grandmother had the original recipe and passed it down. Well, not the 'original'--but HER version, anyway!) We love it.

Anna said...

So it was two legged friends rather than four legged friends who were guilty in this case :)