Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Speedy Results In Ten days !

Well I said that I would post some photo's when the seeds peeped out of the compost. I sowed them on the 18th Jan and here we are just 10 days later and they are more than peeping! they are raring to go, that's incredible! The seed packets and various books always recommend sowing a few seeds to each section just in case some don't make it, well I guess mine all made it as I now have too many tomato plants, oh well it's nice to give some away, it's all part of the allotment spirit. This is the first time I have grown onions from seed I planted sets last year.
I have been told by some of the older and wiser plot holders that this is the best way, as you get bigger onions and they store better apparently ! so we shall see !

I used yesterdays harvest to make a tasty soup for lunch. I added some of the sprout tops, some leeks and a bought a couple of large potatoes ( mine are all gone) I used vegetable stock cubes ("Kallo" organic) and added some ground black pepper and a little salt, and a squeeze of tomato puree. When all the vegetable were cooked, I then blended half of the soup to thicken it, but left enough pieces of veg to add substance. It was delicious.


DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

It all look beautiful! Don't you just love it when they show their little heads? Happy Gardening!

Anna said...

So exciting to see seeds germinate especially the early ones. I have bought some onion seeds and will sow them soon. I planted some 'Red Baron' sets in the autumn, but want to try some from seed to. Did you use a heated propagator to start them off ? The soup sounds delicious - just what you need in this type of weather.

Maureen said...

Hi Tessa, yes it's great to see the tiny seeds develop into something that's going to be delicious to eat.(hopefully!!)

Hi Anna, I just used seed trays with a propagator lid and put them on the windowsill in my study, which is south facing,and has a radiator below it, so I guess that was perfect for them to get going. I have had to move them away from the window now as I don't want them to get too leggy. I must say that John Innes seed compost is hard to beat for good results.

Matron said...

So great to be getting the season underway! I have also heard that onions are much better if you plant them from seed this time of year - they have a longer growing season. I always have too many tomatoes, I can't resist them!