Monday, 19 January 2009

Never trust "Mother Nature"

I went up to the Lottie today very briefly, mainly because I never got around to taking up the kitchen waste for the compost bins yesterday. I am so glad I went, because when I got up there I am sad to report that the winds had blown Rosie (my scarecrow) over. She was lying flat on her back in the mud. Oh I know it's only a scarecrow, but she has a real personality (honest! just look at her picture. back dated post ) anyway I took her clothes home and washed them and we ( my allotment assistant & I !!) will go up and sort her out as soon as the ground is less muddy. I think we will have to concrete her in.

The wind also blew the empty wheelbarrow onto one of my leek beds which flattened some leeks, AND blew the plastic tunnel off of the broad beans ( I think I have lost one or two) I came back home looking really put out, and needed a cup of tea ! Mother Nature really got one over on me today.


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

So sorry for your frustrations with mother nature today.
I hope you can get your scarecrow put back together:)

RHIANNON said...

You have a high maintenance scarecrow there!

Anna said...

Hello Maureen - thanks for your recent visit to my blog and comments. It's lovely to meet a fellow allotmenteer. You are braver than me as I have not visited mine since just before Christmas. I am just too nesh. I do not like to think what the wind may have done in my absence. I hope that you can restore Rosie to her former state.