Thursday, 31 March 2011

Another book review and this one is a GIVEAWAY PRIZE

I received another gorgeous book to review on Monday, I wasn't expecting this one and it's all about Roses.
David Austin Roses to be precise 'English Roses'.
It's a newly published book again by Conran octopus and in fact the information sheet I received says it's due out on 7th April 2011, so it may not be available to buy until then ( I haven't checked)
It's called 'The English Roses' By David Austin, and as it says on the inside of the sleeve - I quote :-

With photographs of superb rose gardens and advice on growing and maintaining his roses, David Austin's 'The English Roses' is an essential reference for every rose lover and gardener.

Having looked through this beautiful book with it's stunning photographs I heartily agree with the quote.
It's a large coffee table book, it's worth £30 publishers price and it's going to be my giveaway to one lucky person out there.  As much as I would like to keep it, I don't grow roses even though I love them. So I would like to share my good fortune of receiving the book with someone who does grow and love roses.
I have never done a giveaway before but have seen them on others blogs and actually won a voucher to spend at 'Lands End' from Damo's blog, so I know how it feels to win.
I will keep the giveaway open from  March 31st until  12th April  and then I will get a friend to pull a name out of the hat.

To enter for a chance to win this great book, just leave a comment telling me your favourite English Rose and with a link so you can be contacted. and then post a mention on your blog about this giveaway and add this link

I am sorry to say that I can only post to the UK as I went to the post office this morning to get it weighed (it's a heavy book) and it's quite a lot just to post in the UK, so I really can't send it overseas. SORRY !

PLEASE  let others know about the giveaway.


Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Have fun with the giveaway. Obviously I'm not 'entering' but just wanted to say what a lovely book it looks to be. You can enter my giveaway though, as the Composter is being sent to the UK as are many of the other prizes!

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Maureen, How kind of you to give away this lovely book. As you know, I bought my first David Austin rose last summer and created a little rose bed. Of course, I can't enter your drawing, but I do want to say kudos to you for your generosity, and good luck to all who join in. Oh, my favorite D.A. rose is of course Lichfield Angel. P x

Damo said...

What a lovely book, I'm with you I don't grow roses but love looking at them - particularly the Rose Garden at Mottisfont in June time - I'm sure someone will be a lucky winner.

Vegetable Heaven said...

Of the many David Austin roses I've bought - both for myself and family members, I think my favourite must be Brother Cadfael. Admittedly that's because I love the Ellis Peters books!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Wow, you've really allowed a long time for this, Mo;-) You probably don't need to wait 'that' long (!) but it can't hurt. My project is so huge that I really needed to allow a month for the word to get out. I would hate to see all those gifts not have a chance to be 'spread out' amongst the masses! When I see giveaways on blogs, for the most part, they usually last from a few days to a week or 2. Usually a month is more than you need. I'll try to remember to mention it on FB or twitter at some point for you;-) Take care!

Maureen said...

Hi JAN, thanks for explaining why you had such a long time for entries. I didn't give it a thought that it was because there were so many giveaway prizes on yours. I think perhaps I should change it again to a shorter period.
Thanks for that. M x

gill said...

This looks a gorgeous book!
Count me in please!

Anna said...

I would love to win this book Maureen to pass on to my sister who is really into roses. I do not have many roses though I do like them. I must confess that I have only ever grown one English rose which was 'Gertrude Jekyll', so she will have to be my favourite. Will include your link in my next blog post. I am also happy to tweet it if you would like me to :)

Maureen said...

So far we have Vegetable Heaven, Gill and Anna in the giveaway draw.
I wish I could have included my lovely overseas friends, but the postage is too much as it's a heavy book.

Thank you JAN,PAM and DAMO for your comments.

jan.willetts said...

Hi maureen,
would love to enter your competition as I love roses. My favourite has to be Albertine as the scent is so lovely. It was in full flower in June when I went into labour with my eldest son, now aged 21, and I stood underneath it at midnight in my garden before going off to give birth. Sadly the rose is no more and my son has now left home to live with his girlfriend and their baby!

Maureen said...

Hi Jan(willetts) what a lovely memory of your favourite rose. You are now in the draw thanks for entering. It's a beautiful book.

Maureen said...

Jan ( willetts) you don't seem to have a link for me to contact you and when I click on view sender it comes up as a Grace Peterson ??? which seems to be happening a lot lately from other e-mails i've had ??