Friday, 4 March 2011

Oh my how they've grown !!

I planted some seeds on Monday 29th Feb and popped them on the bedroom windowsill covered in plastic bags and to my amazement they are up already. The first to appear were the 'Cosmos' seeds.  I sowed 'Cosmos double click'  Cosmos brights and 'Sonata' and then the Zinnia's 'Faberge' ( fabulous colours)  were up.  Next up were the chillies and the  peppers and coriander are just starting to peep through.

Of course I am delighted, but now starts the job I dread which is pricking out and potting on. It's not so much the job as the question 'Where the heck am I going to put all these plants' ????? it's too early too put them in the cold greenhouse at the allotment, so I will have to keep them in the two mini-greenhouses (plastic covered type) that I have in the garden. These will soon fill up as I already have my broad beans and onion seeds in one of them.  Oh well that will teach me not to be so impatient !


I think it must be as the evidence is all around us. There are beautiful Spring flowers everywhere.  The Pansies in my front garden are so lovely and were planted last Autumn and survived the freezing winter. They really are  amazing plants for value, cheerfulness and colour, I love them.

I hope you all have a lovely week-end and that we all get some sunshine.
M x


Tessa @ Blunders with Shoots, Blossoms 'n Roots said...

They are just so cute at this stage. Happy almost spring!

Maureen said...

Thanks TESSA, I just read your last post about your seed planting. I tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't go, so I'll try again soon.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Maureen, Wow, your seedlings are amazing! We all have the same problem ... where to put the results of our efforts when we get over-zealous. Your front garden is a picture! Hope you are having sun this weekend. It is warmer here, but very dull and rain is on the way --- maybe it will move the last of the snow. P x

Anna said...

It's amazing how quickly some things come through Maureen and then all to soon panic and the greenhouse shuffle sets in :)

Josephine Warren said...

I wish my pansies looked so vibrant!
I too have the same space issue haven't planted plenty of seeds and they're all requiring potting up now! I'm alternating between keeping them in the bathroom and in the unheated greenhouse in the garden (bringing them in at night) most seem to be doing well and not suffering. Good luck!

Chef_uk said...

I was happily potting on 10 days ago but now dread the juggling act :/ The weather really is pants right now. Just have to keep on juggling for the time being :)

Pam said...

Zinnias are my new favourites Maureen. Reminds me to get started with some of my seed sowing.
Lovely to see signs of Spring too.
P xx

Paul and Melanie said...

I have the same 'space' problems, I know there's a load of things that need sowing but I simply don't have enough sunny windows to fit it all in... Just wish the nights would stop being quite so cold so I could risk a bit more in the greenhouse...

Maureen said...

Thank you for the comments
ANNA, JOSEPHINE,CHEF_UK PAM AND PAUL & MELANIE. It's good to see that everyone else has the same space problem. I was pricking out and potting on this afternoon and had to juggle the potted on plants around on various windowsills.
M x

Plantaliscious said...

I have the same problem - and I read your post and thought "ooh, I really should sow some cosmos soon". Except that there is no room, even currently, when lots of things are still in seed trays, not yet pricked out. Ah well, at least you have some lovely healthy seedlings to worry about, better than losing them to damping off, which happened to my lemongrass last week!

Maureen said...

Hi PLANTALISCIOUS, It's a terrible time of the year for getting started with the sowing isn't it ? we all want to get a head start but then it's the problem of not being able to put them out.
Don't worry about the 'Cosmos' as mine have got leggy, so your better off waiting.
It's a shame about your Lemongrass, I actually got 2 plants from Victoiana Nursery this year as my plants sown by seed last year didn't do very much. I hope your next sowing will be more successful.

Prospero said...

Hello Doc.

Tayberries ... yes, that's just the thing. I want to plant more fruit trees this year. I've selected a few seeds from Brazil and Trinidad.

Ah yes, the amazon. Did you know that the Camu Camu berry has the highest vitamin C content of any berry? By weight, it has 60 times more vitamin C than an orange. Unfortunately this plants lives in a hot humid swamp and I not (live in a swamp, that is)

But there are so many other lesser know berries and fruit from the South America that one hardly knows where to begin.

This is my edible landscape project. (I thought you would approve)