Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sad and Happy ! is that possible ?

I just felt that I needed to post and say how sad I feel with all that is happening recently in the world, and especially in Japan. My younger son came back from Japan just a couple of weeks ago where he and his friends spent two weeks skiing and had a wonderful time, he loved it there.  I feel so happy that he returned before this disaster and is safe.  The dreadful pictures in the paper and on the news each day make me count my blessings and thank God for all the simple pleasures that I have in my life. As I sow my seeds and watch them grow it makes me realise that nature cannot be controlled even if we think it can be. I'm sure everyone feels this sadness too and it's dreadful that we are all unable to help in a big way, but I'm sure all our pennies count. It's a dreadful time for the people of Japan and I'ts going to be a very long time before they get the country back on it's feet again, such great sadness, and all we can do is watch and pray for them.

On a lighter note I have been to the allotment and dug over the beds ready for the planting to begin and the broad beans are growing at a speedy rate and I hope to get them in their bed and covered under a cloche in a couple of weeks. The tomatoes are growing well and I have pricked them out today and potted them on.
I now need to pot on the chillies, peppers, and the flowers seeds that I have all over the house on every windowsill.

CSN Stores UK
I have been looking at a shopping site called  CSN Stores UK, you may have heard of it as I know other bloggers who have reviewed their products. Seeing as I have two wedding to attend this year one being in Italy, YEAH !!  this shopping site is an Aladdin's cave of wonderful gift ideas to suit all pockets and tastes their  cookware and especially the selection of Saucepans are fantastic. So not only have I been looking for wedding presents, but I am going to review something for them from the store, which I will blog about soon.
If your looking to treat yourself or have a special present to buy take a look at their website.

I hope all your seed planting and plant growing is going well.


Pam said...

It's so difficult to watch all the news coverage and not feel conflicting emotions - how sad it's happened to Japan, how pleased we are our own families are not part of it.
Pleased to see you're going to do a review for CSN - you'll enjoy going through all their lovely stock.
P x

Maureen said...

Hi Pam, thanks for the comment. It's too sad isn't it ?

There was a good article by Bel Mooney in the 'Daily mail' yesterday about whether or not it's constructive to think about and feel so sad about all these disasters. Bel thought it is only human to do so, and her friend (she didn't say who) thought we should give some money, and get on with our lives, and not dwell on what we can't do anything about. I'm with BEL, but not to the extent of making myself depressed as that isn't healthy.

I am just so glad that my son was back from his visit before it all happened. Strangely for no reason ( as there wasn't one then) I really didn't want him to go, but didn't know why and never said anything to him (he thinks I'm a fusspot as it is !!!) and he is a grown man so it's none of my business, but we mother still worry and fuss even when they are grown up and moved away !

I have already chosen my items to review from CSN and can't wait to try them out and post my results.
M x