Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Teasing myself with photo's of what's to come !

We went up to the allotment today to check on the Tayberry which came from Stephen at Victoriana Nursery and I was excited to see that many buds have opened and little curly leaves are unfurling. It looks very healthy

There was gorgeous rhubarb up and lots more peeping out. I have to admit to being over the top with the rhubarb planting and have about 6 plants of different varieties, but my daughter is going to have a couple of plants on her plot as I really don't have the room for them as they get bigger.

The garlic is doing well, still a bit spindly but it was only planted in the autumn so has a while to fatten up yet. I have two varieties in one being 'Cristo' and the other is a french one that I can't remember off hand.

The purple sprouting broccoli is only just beginning to sprout, I do hope I get a good harvest as I love it.

And we still have some parsnips to harvest. I dug up a lot last week which is now in the garage awaiting to be made into curried parsnip soup Mmmmmm. I will need that bed soon so the rest will need to come up in the next week or so.

Here are the photo's  I have been teasing myself with ! I can't imagine the plot looking like this again, but I know it will with a bit of hard graft.  Oh I just can't wait, it look so full and lush.


mother of purl said...

Wow, what a super lotty, I hope mine turns out to be even half as beautiful as yours. Well done for being organised and getting things sown nice and early x

Mark Willis said...

Those photos of your plot in Summer look SOOOOO appealing - but so distant too! That rhubarb of your looks very advanced. What have you done to persuade it to come up so quick? Mine has one or two reluctant buds just poking through the soil..

Maureen said...

MOTHER OF PEARL, thanks for the comment. I just visited your blog, well done on your hard work in the rain.

MARK thank you. I can't wait for the plot to look that good again.
The rhubarb has inches of shredded farmyard manure all over that bed and it seems to love it. I am amazed t how it's grown in the last few weeks.

Anna said...

Great to see those glossy rhubarb leaves Maureen. I nipped to the lottie last week but forgot to see what mine is up to. I am sure that in another month or so we will be wishing that everything will slow down :)

Maureen said...

Hi ANNA, I'm sure your right about that. It's always a problem when everything gets going at once.

I sowed lots of seeds this week, and I am amazed at the speed in which the flower seeds have germinated in just a few days. They are on a sunny windowsill with the pots covered in plastic bags. The Cosmos are raring to go.
M x