Sunday, 20 March 2011

CSN Stores UK - Review

I have received the items I chose to review from CSN Stores UK and now I will give you my honest opinion of their online shopping experience.

First of all I would like to say that from ordering to delivery was a couple of days. I ordered on the 16th of March and had both of my goods delivered by the 18th March, so very speedy and ordering online was easy and they take all manner of credit/debit cards and even PayPal, so very straight forward.

CSN state that they are the cheapest online, so I shopped around and sure enough they were for the items I chose, even cheaper than Amazon and John Lewis.

Here are the two Items I chose:

A beautiful  'Raymond Blanc' by Anolon, top range,  saute pan and it's just  beautiful and so lovely to use.

The second item I chose is a French ' Emile Henry' Pie dish. I have always meant to buy a proper pie dish and this one is so lovely and will be well used.

I did look at all the Saucepan Sets  in the store, but decided on the saute pan as it's something I probably wouldn't have bought for myself  if I wasn't doing the Review for CSN, so a big thank you to them.

My honest opinion then is that I would shop with them again and would definitely recommend them to family and  friends. They have a vast amount of goods ranging from an egg whisk to large items of furniture not all cheap, but definately competitive on prices and lot's of unusual things.


Mark Willis said...

OK, come on, make me a Rhubarb pie please...!

Maureen said...

Hi Mark
you know that's exactly what my first pie will have to be. I went up to the plot today and the rhubarb is growing like crazy, I have about six plants growing and most are of a different variety. i got a bit carried away when I first got my plot and kept buying 'bargains'

Vegetable Heaven said...

That will make a substantial pie! A personal recommendation is better than any amount of advertising.

Maureen said...

Hi Vegetable Heaven, it will indeed make a good sized pie. I wish I had ordered the individual sized ones as well or instead of. Good excuse to shop there again !!
I would only ever do reviews if I found the person/company good and to my liking as I would hate to mislead anybody, but I found their service first class. As i do Victorian Nurseries who I also do a review for.

Damo said...

Happy cooking! They both look great and you can't beat a homecooked pie.

Maureen said...

Thanks DAMO, yes I agree nothing like home baked. I'm just waiting for the rhubarb to get a little bit taller.

Caro @ Urban Veg Patch said...

Hi Maureen, Love the choice of pie dish! I'd have to keep to savoury recipes though, unless I wanted to put in extra hours on the Veg Patch to use up the calories of home pie baking!

Prospero said...

Great purchases, Doc.

My squash, pole beans, bush beans, currant tomatoes, basil, rosemary and oregano are up!

My new herb for this year: Jiaogulan (it's a little pharmacy).

Maureen said...

Hi PROSPERO, it sounds like you have been busy with your veg garden. I have never heard of Jiaogulan, it sounds interesting so I will google it and investigate, although I doubt I'd be able to grow it here anyway.

Maureen said...

Hi Caro, that's a good point, I'm watching calories myself at the moment. Perhaps I'll do a very low calorie crumble topping instead !

Pam said...

Both were great choices Maureen - I especially like the saute pan which will be great for all those wonderful vegetable stir fries from the allotment goodies!
P xx

Maureen said...

Hi Pam, as you know having reviewed for CSN yourself, it's a difficult task deciding just what to order. The Saute Pan is brilliant and I have yet to use the pie dish to cook with, I say that as I used it to serve a salad the other day and it looked very good on the table.
M x