Friday, 1 April 2011

The Beans are in AT LAST !!!

I finally got my broad beans in. The roots were long and thick and sticking out of the bottom of the root trainers. The bed was already manured and prepared, so it just meant working out the spacing and length of rows.
Here they are :

on the left are Bunyards Exhibition and on the right Red Epicure, I've not grown the red ones before and it says on the packet that lightly steamed they keep their colour, and as I always steam my veg we will see if that's true when the time come.

The first Asparagus spear is up , that's exciting as I have been looking for it on every visit. I'm not sure how many are going to make it but fingers crossed a lot more than this one.
Even more exciting is the new Tayberry bush, it's growing so well and looks really healthy. The Tayberry and the Asparagus were both from  Victoriana Nursery .
I've managed to clean the greenhouse at the allotment with good old Jeyes fluid, it pongs a bit but does a good job. I haven't actually moved anything up there yet as it's all still in the mini-greenhouses in my garden (much easier to look after until all frosts are gone) There is still heaps more to do and lot's to sow, but I am holding back as things like cucumber, courgettes, french beans and mangetout all come on very quickly and then I will run out of greenhouse space.  I hope to sow a lot of things direct this year, thats the plan anyway !

Friday again !!!! have a lovely weekend everyone and please don't forget to leave a comment for the giveaway book by David Austin (Roses) see previous post.


Caro said...

Oh, well done Maureen! Your broad beans look so lovely and healthy and I expect you've stolen a march on the aphids by getting them in early. Broad beans are so beautiful when they flower as well!

Vegetable Heaven said...

I've grown Red Epicure a lovely bean thoug I found even steamed they had a bit of a brownish look. Sadly, if you grow them alongside another broad bean you can't guarantee that saved seed wil come true. I grow my 'common' beans at the allotment and just sow any unusual one on its own at home. It's been Crimson Flowered for a couple of years.

Maureen said...

Hi CARO, I hope your right about the aphids. Yes the flowers are lovely and they have a slight scent too.

Hi VEG HEAVEN, thanks for the info about the beans cross pollinating, I will bear that in mind. I don't usually save the seeds but I do sometimes give them away, so I won't this year.

Mark Willis said...

Ta Da!! I bet those beans will grow away rapidly now, if your weather has been like ours (which I expect it has, 'cos I reckon we live pretty close...)
My Broad Beans are only just poking through the surface of the soil.

Damo said...

Your broad beans look good, the ones I planted a few weeks ago are as tall as the overwintered ones now. Sowed lots at my shared plot so I'm hopeful of a bumper harvest!

Maureen said...

MARK, the weather has been mixed here this week, but the rain was welcome as it watered the purple sprouting broccoli for me, although the water has been turned on now at the allotment. Yes the beans should gallop on now.

DAMO, that's amazing that the ones planted later are getting ahead of your earlier ones. I love Broad Beans, but I'm going to try double podding them for salads as it always looks nicer. by the way can you both put a mention on your blogs about my giveaway Rose Book please, Ta xx