Thursday, 7 April 2011

Book Giveaway - 5 more days to add your name for a chance to win

I am surprised that there are only a few names to choose from for this stunning book. It's up for grabs and absolutely free to the name drawn out of the hat, which is planned for 12th April.

If having to name a favourite Rose is stopping you well then just leave a comment that you want to go into the draw. But please put a link on your blog to the giveaway.

I hope your day is as sunny and gorgeous as it is here.

M x


Chef_uk said...

I have no idea what Roses we have other than we really like them :) Total novices when it comes to attending to them though and last year they were demolished by sawflies laying their eggs on the leaves (I think that's what they were) :(

Maureen said...

Hi Chef_Uk consider yourself entered in the draw. If you win it has plenty of advice on growing and caring for your Roses. I just had a quick nosey at your blog, you have planted so many more seeds than I have it's very impressive. I will pop back and leave you a comment.