Friday, 8 April 2011

A busy time at the allotment

I've worked at the allotment for two days this week, and enjoyed every minute of it. The sun was shining, and I met with a good friend up there who also has a plot and we sat in the sunshine outside her shed (Oh the good life !!) and chatted and had a drink break, TRULY Allotment Heaven !!!

The Broad beans are doing well, but still covered for the moment as they were raised in the mini greenhouse and not planted direct. I had hardened them off for a couple of weeks, but a severe frost could still knock them back. I dug up a row of parsnips 'Hollow Crown'  the seeds were from Victoriana Nursery and they are so nice that I got the same again for this years planting.
I still have this row of parsnips to dig up a bit later on. I will probably have to blanch and freeze them as I will need that bed soon.
The Tayberry is doing well and looks like the fruit is starting to come which is exciting as this is the first year, although it was a good healthy potted specimen and a good size to boot. again from Victoriana Nursery.

There are so many ladybirds about on the allotment, so hopefully they and their young will keep the aphids down, it's wonderful to see so many.

My plot is beginning to look more alive and lovely and green again.  I have Calabraise, cabbages growing, and  purple Sprouting broccoli I actually got my first harvest from it last evening (at last) it's in for such a long time. I lost three plants out of the six I planted, but the remaining three don't look too bad. I am hoping to harvest for a couple of weeks to make up for the long wait.

I did manage to sow some carrots as well. I sowed two rows each of Early Nantes 2 and Nantes 5, not sure what the difference is ! we shall see ! Oh and the potatoes went in at last too,  all earlies.  I don't grow main crop any more as we don't eat that many potatoes, so its  just for the fun of digging some up for salads really.
SO lot's done and heaps more to do. I have a mixture of traditional veg beds and also raised beds on my plot and I must say the raised beds are so easy to dig over as the soil is lovely in them. But all beds are full of lovely fat worms this year more so than any other year. It must be the good manure I put on in the autumn.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to leave your comment on the post for the giveaway David Austin Roses book if you would like a chance to win it.


Pam said...

We've got lots of ladybirds too, and I'm hoping they'll keep the greenfly under control here too.
The allotment looks great, and as you say, real lottie heaven on days like this.
Have a great weekend,
P xx

Maureen said...

Hi Pam, yes I enjoyed it so much and needed the fresh air and exercise this week.
M x

allot of veg said...

Hi Maureen, you plot is looking good. Lots of ladybirds here too - hope they are not expecting an aphid swarm any time soon!

Damo said...

It looks lovely down at your allotment. We've had loads of ladybirds too, quite a few finding their way indoors! Have a seriously long list of gardening jobs tomorrow!!

Poppy said...

Hello you, it's all looking good! I can see us being at the allotment all day tomorrow. I do love it though! Keep up the good work! :0)

Lou xxx

Maureen said...

Hi ALLOT of VEG and DAMO, it's great about the ladybirds isn't it lets hope they eat all the pesky aphids.

Hi Poppy, Love your blog, the layout and photography is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Have a great weekend.
m x

Merryweather said...

Ugh, you are filling me with allotment-shame!! *must get allotmenting*

Maureen said...

Hi Merryweather, thanks for the comment. I am just off out,but had a quick peek at your blog and it's lovely. I will read some more later.
Do you like Roses ?? if so why not go in for my giveaway (see giveaway post) .
Have a good weekend
M x

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Your plot looks to be in great shape! Which beds, raised or not, do you find you prefer working? Or find grow the best crops? I love Purple Sprouting Broccoli but am finding myself feeling faintly resentful of the amount of space it is going to take up, particularly as it will need netting if it is going to survive...

Maureen said...

Hi Janet, I think the raised beds are easier to weed and dig, but both give good crops and I have to say that I do like to have a mixture of beds rather than one or the other.
Are you going in for my book giveaway ??? as I'm not sure if it sounded like I meant to leave comments here rather than on the giveaway post !! Oh dear ! just let me know please.

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Hi Maureen, its OK, I wasn't confused, and didn't mean to enter the competition. Sorry if I worried you!

Maureen said...

Thanks Janet, you nearly got entered !