Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Photography "meme"

I liked the idea of this "meme" as mentioned by Carrie at "Grow our Own"which she found at VP's "Veg Plotting" blog. You have to open the 4th folder in your photo's and then in that 4th folder choose the 4th picture, upload it and write about it. doesn't matter what it is ! so here goes :
This was taken at RHS Wisley Gardens in June 2008, it's a bronze seated statue in one of their little inspirational gardens, she is really beautiful and I wish I could have her in my garden. That was a bit of luck that this photo was garden related ! So if you fancy a go, look up your 4th folder and post your 4th picture for all bloggers to see !


Anna said...

She's quite beautiful and serene Maureen, but quite an expensive lady too I would imagine :)

VP said...

I love what all this randomness is giving us!

So glad you decided to join in too :)

Maureen said...

It's a lovely meme VP, but I think I missed the part about tagging 4 others !hope you don't mind.

I think the statue would be very expensive Anna, but your right she does look serene.:)