Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Humour on the plot !

This was pinned to one of our plotholder's shed, it's great to see some humour on the plot. I hope it's clear enough for all to read as it was difficult to take the shot, as the string kept blowing around (so definitely Windy !!) and I had a shadow on the plastic covering he's put it in, ( Sunny !) ( click on photo to enlarge it, for better reading)

I have had a busy sort of day, what with boring chores in the house, a husband with a headache ( he never gets headaches as a rule ) lolling around, calling me "nurse" and asking for cups of tea. I was sympathetic (honest).

Then I visited "Wickes" as I noticed that some plot-holders are using the thick blue water piping that plumbers use, to put over across their beds and covered with netting. It is a cheap and sturdy way to keep the pesky pigeons and the egg laying butterflies off the goodies that we grow. I have taken a photo (below) where you can just see it in place. It is bought in 25mtrs which obviously has to be cut to the required size of the bed, and it comes in 2 thicknesses the thinner one is £18. 45 per -25 mt, and the thicker one £19 + so not much more really. It could be cheaper elsewhere so I will shop around, but it's a brilliant idea to use it.
I have also got about 3 sewing projects on the go (I'm blaming Pam for that, she knows who she is !!) her blog is so full of lovely sewing and crafty things, it made me crave to get going again.
and now I have done blogging for today I'm of to get the patient something to eat.


Pam said...

I like that idea of using the flexible piping - anything to keep those pesy caterpillars away.
Wonder if I could enclose the whole plot? Mmmm. Maybe not.

Have sent you an email with pic of my cerinthe _ same as yours.

P x

Anna said...

A brilliant barometer ! I was lucky enough to inherit some of that blue piping when I took on my lottie :)

Tatyana said...

It made me laugh! Thanks!