Saturday, 14 February 2009

Dahlia seedlings

A few weeks ago I bought a little triple, windowsill propagator that was reduced by £5 because one of the lids was cracked. Luckily I had a spare lid that fitted at home, so it was a bargain !

Anyway, on Monday I planted some flower seeds in it. I sowed -Dahlia "Disco Dancer",
Dahlia "Fireworks Mixed " and Echinacea ,"Pink Parasol", I was amazed to see that the Dahlias are up already, I couldn't stop peeking at them. I have never grown Dahlias before, but as they are a traditional allotment flower, I thought I would have a go at growing them from seed.

As always I have grown far too many, so goodness knows where I will put all these plants when they need potting on. I am waiting for the Echinacea to appear now, these are for my garden.

I also had Some purple sprouting broccoli seeds " Rudolph" in the post today from Anna over at "greentapestry" she kindly shared her packet with me. So a big thank you to Anna. As I said before in another post, Bloggers are the loveliest people.

It's been a lovely spring like day today, but I didn't do any gardening or go to the lottie, as I was busy sewing ( the Pooh Bear embroidery) and doing housework. I may go up on Sunday if the weather is fine and see how the ground is as I would like to dig a trench for my beans. So I might just have an allotment post next week.


PamsEnglishGarden said...

Hi, Maureen,
I just found your blog and it made me homesick for England! I am an expat. from Staffs. now living and gardening in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA. Your photographs are impressive! I plan to visit you regularly in future.
I have a blog on my website. I hope you visit me soon.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I've never grown dahlias from seed, though I have planted them many times. Here in Nova Scotia, they must be dug up each fall and replanted in the spring. Good luck with these...I'll look forward to seeing them bloom. :)

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that dahlias really can come from seeds. I see the seed listed in the catalogs but hesitate because I'm thinking it will be complicated. Apparently not. Cheers.

Pam said...

Like you I've not grown dahlias from seed before but I have a packet ready to sow: black beauty. After seeing your seedlings I think I'll get them started off today.
As we've had awful snow over the past couple of days I'm doubtful if the allotment gets a visit today, so hopefully next week sees us all in our plots.
P x

Maureen said...

Wow ! so many comments on my little seedlings, I will have to make sure they stay strong so I can show you all the end result. They have even grown since yesterday, I hope I haven't sown "Triffids" by mistake ! ha ha
Thank you Grace & Pam for the comments, it's always lovely to know you have stopped by.
Hi to Pamela
from "PamsEnglishGarden" and Nancybond thank you for visiting my blog and I will check yours out later this evening

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Mo...I'm going to grow Dahlia's for the 1st time too. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens. I haven't planted mine yet. I have the bulbs/tubers for them, not seeds. That's a really long wait-growing from seeds!