Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms

I haven't posted anything for days and I am getting withdrawal symptoms. I have been to my son's to help out with the new baby and her big brother. I did the 9pm and 12pm feeds so the parents could catch up on some sleep. We are back home now and it's very quite without Bertie keeping us on our toes.

The first thing I did was the usual checking of the seedling. They are all growing well so I feel ok to leave them for a couple of days now. I will be glad when they are all planted out into the beds then they can cope on their own. The onion seedlings seem to be very slow in growing. I usually plant onion sets, so not having raised my onions from seeds before I don't know if this is normal or not, does anyone else have any advice ? The Red "Taste of Italy" Italian onions seem to be strong and healthy, but the white "ailsa craig" and "bedfordshire champion" don't seem to be doing well at all, so I am sowing some more, just in case they don't make it.

The Dahlia plants are doing very well, but I am impatient to see them get sturdy and strong.
I have also grown 3 types of Chillies, some Pepper seeds and Lemongrass, and some Cabbage called "Filderkraut" (Johnsons, world kitchen seeds) these are almost white cabbage with a very pointed shape, and are excellent for either steaming, making coleslaw, shredded for sauerkraut ( a German dish) or for soups, so a good all rounder. Not forgetting, Basil, and coriander.

I quickly popped up to the greenhouse on the lottie before it got too dark, as I have the sweetpeas growing in there. They were a bit dry as I hadn't asked anyone to tend them whilst we were away, I don't want to lose them after all the care I have given them since sowing them last Autumn. I also checked on the purple sprouting broccoli. I should be picking it soon, but it's very slow coming, it's been in the ground almost a year now (from tiny plants I grew from seeds) how patient do I have to be ??? it's good to be back, but there is so much to do.


Anna said...

I bet you were delighted to be reunited with your seedlings again. Have only grown onions from sets so can't advise you there Maureen but I imagine that they will take off all of a sudden. The forecast here is looking promising for tomorrow so I hope to get to the lottie :)

Daphne said...

I've always found onion seedlings very slow. I usually allow 10-12 weeks for them inside.