Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sewing not Sowing

It was as I said impossible to get anything done today in connection with gardening, so instead of SOWING I have been SEWING ! I am in the process of making a Pooh Bear cushion for Florence. I made one for Bertie last year and also made one each for my other two grandchildren when they were babies (they are all grown up now).

As well as working on the cushion, I have just finished quilting and beading two very tiny pieces of fabric, which I will make into something when I figure out what. I just loved sewing them. I bought the oddments in the fabric shop and cut out the little folk art angel, and the little pansy posy. I don't know if the beads and quilting show up in these photo's. I have also been working on some little "let's have coffee" cards they are rubber stamped, painted, glittered, cut out, mounted on cards and then I write the wording on. So I still had a lot to do, even if it wasn't to do with plants. It's nice to have a change !

This evening for dinner I am going to cook "Tartiflette" my son has a french au pair and she made it for us the other week when we were staying there and it was delicious. If my attempt comes out ok, I will share the recipe with you. It looks easy enough, but we shall see. It's made with: potatoes, onions, garlic. bacon lardons, white wine, and the main ingredient is "Reblochon" cheese, which is very expensive, so I really hope my attempt is worthy of the dish.


allot of veg said...

Lovely stuff. It's great to be creative, the beading is super - I think pansies might be my favourite flower, but I do love daffodils, and sweet peas...
I'm sure your grand children will love their cushions.

Maureen said...

I love sewing and craft work but I seem to have less time now to do it. I think what with the garden at home and the allotment sometimes it seems that there aren't enough hours in the day.
I love sweet peas as well, but like you Pansies have to be top of my list, and what about COSMOS ?they are so long lasting and beautiful.

artistsgardenstudio said...

Beautiful stitching.
I do find that stitchers hands and gardeners hands dont mix - I am always snagging my thread on my rough up hands (lol)