Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Busy Busy Busy, I need a holiday !!!

I have spent many hours on the lottie since Saturday, generally doing jobs like turning the compost bins, weeding, raking beds and putting horse manure on the rhubarb and raspberry plants. A very kind allotment neighbour cut our grass borders with his petrol mower ( we have a manual push one) so Austin trimmed the edges for me, so it's all looking really tidy.

Yesterday I dug my runner and french bean trench. I dug it fairly deep and lined it with wads of newspaper and then put in a lot of horse manure that I had rotting from last year, then covered it all in with the soil again. I was so tired that I went to bed early- 11pm and really for me that is early! only trouble is I was awake again by 5am, so had a cup of tea and went back to bed again. I also put in my potatoes. - Nicola, Swift and Desiree.

Today I went up again and planted my parsnips that I had chitted ( yes chitted !) I am doing my own parsnip trial. The parsnips are Gladiator F1
Trial No 1 is 5 x pot sown and grown seedlings which I transplanted into the bed. Apparently parsnips don't like this ! but we shall see.
Trial No 2 is the chitted parsnip seeds. I dug some trenches filled them with multi purpose compost, carefully put in the chitted parsnip seeds, covered them with more M/P/compost and a scattering of earth.
Trial No 3 was parsnip seeds sown straight into the ground with a little mix of compost added to the planting area. I will update you as to which does the best.

I also sowed 5 short rows of Carrot's - Early Nantes 5. I then harvested some of my purple sprouting broccoli for dinner. I have waited nearly a year for this, I also dug up a couple of large leeks.
I've also been sowing more white onions as the first lot don't seem to be doing so well. I think I sowed them too early as this second sowing look so strong in comparison (see photo below) and the lemongrass that I sowed a couple of weeks ago is coming on now.

We are going to help look after the grandchildren on Friday and Saturday so wont return until Sunday, we are so looking forward to it, but I have to get someone to look in on my seedlings, it's a wrench to leave them in the hands of someone else at this crucial stage, I'm sure you all know what I mean !!
Photo's below are - from the top Chilli seedlings ready to pot on. next one is the Lemongrass, then it's my second onion attempt, much better seedling this time ! then it's the chitted parsnips, they look like little tadpoles !

Kale - Tosca De Nero on the right and short green curly on the left


Dirt Princess said...

Well you have been quite busy! Seeds are looking great

Ryan said...

My god! You are a force of nature! If I ever need a hand I think I might give you a call!!!! lol

Keep up the good work!

Anna said...

You've accomplished a lot Maureen and must be pleased with your progress. I was away for the weekend and since getting home the weather has been awful so no lottie trips for me. I have been busy in the greenhouse though. I can understand your reluctance in entrusting your seedlings to somebody else's care but you will enjoy seeing your grandchildren :)

Pam said...

Just ignore the last bit of the email I sent - it's pretty obvious where you've been busy!
I like the idea of your parsnip trial, should be a real help to us all next year.
Enjoy baby and toddler time.
P x

Daphne said...

Your seedlings look great. I never knew people grew lemon grass by seed. Does it get big enough the first season to use?

Maureen said...

Thank you all for the comments. I will let you know how my parsnip trial goes. DAPHNE in answer to your question on the lemongrass, that's a good point! I just took a look at the seed packet and it doesn't say otherwise and I was expecting to be able to use it this year for my stir fries, so fingers crossed I will be able to. It's the first time I have tried to grow it.

EB said...

Maureen, you're an inspiration! I hope I'll be doing what you are, next year. This year I'm just hoping to keep doing something/anything and not fall off!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You are one HARD WORKING gardener, Maureen. What an inspriation! I hope you have a good weekend w/your grandchildren;-)

Rosehaven Cottage said...

You most definitely need a holiday after all that work. Heavens you've been busy! I feel like a slacker compared to you and your efforts. ;-)