Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The shed is finished, Broad beans are growing, and my lavender is doing nicely.

Inside and outside the shed, and below the lavender shrubs and the broad beans.

First of all the shed is finished, the tools are hung on their new hooks and the floor space makes such a difference. We can actually walk in there now without tripping over something. I painted some outside parts of the shed blue just to brighten it up. A bit tarty I know but I like it !

My broad beans which I sowed a bit later than I intended have finally emerged and I am hardening them off each day to plant at the lottie next week. I didn't grow too many this time as last spring I had so many I didn't know what to do with them all. I did freeze a lot of the beans, but I would rather eat things when they are in season really.

I sowed some lavender seeds earlier on in the year as I want to plant a Lavender hedge around the edge of my plot, first for the attraction of bees and butterflies and secondly for the smell. They took ages to germinate and I lost a few but they are coming on in leaps and bounds now especially since I re-potted them recently, so my hedge will ready for next spring.

The weather has been amazing today, blue sky and lovely fluffy clouds, what a change from the dull grey sky of the last few days. Roll on Spring !

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