Friday, 14 November 2008

Some good weather at last

The leek bed is looking good and the sprouts are growing nicely.

A bit of humour on the plot and I haven't had to compost anyone yet !

The weather wasn't too bad here so I went up to lottie to see what needed doing. Austin helped me weed the winter cabbage bed. They looked a bit nibbled, so I took off all the damaged outer leaves, which made them look heaps better, put some slug pellets around them and covered them up again. We also weeded the Curly Kale bed. I found lots of slugs on all the plants, so I removed them and again tidied the plants as there were loads of yellowed leaves lower down the plants. I'm sure I will be picking it for a while yet, and it's delicious lightly steamed.
I took some photo's of the Brussel sprouts they are coming on well, so hopefully will be eating them at Christmas. The purple sprouting broccoli looks good, but no sign of any sprouting bits yet. We were going to creosote the shed, but we run out of time, so hopefully we can get some of it done at the weekend.

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