Friday, 25 April 2014

A New season on plot 30

Isn't it great when the seeds start popping out of the compost ?  My broad beans, courgettes, butternut squash,  and numerous flower and herb seeds are all doing well and its so exciting to be starting this year after such terrible weather.  The bitter cold and rain has put most of us behind this year, but its amazing how things catch up with a few sunny days.

By the way don't forget to visit Victoriana  Nurseries for all your gardening needs. I've just had a look at the website and it's all looking good. There is a link on the side of this page which takes you straight there. I've had several plants over the years I've had my allotment,  and they have all done well, especially my thornless Tayberry  ! It's been amazing even through my move from plot 19 to plot 30 last year.  I had a sneaky look at how the new plot owner was getting on, and I must have left a bit of root from the Tayberry in the ground over at plot 19 !  as he has a nice plant growing in the same place and it's looking very healthy.

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